Love Acknowledges The Divinity Of Every Being


Kanalisering af Einstein

Love Acknowledges The Divinity Of Every Being

Channel for The Council of Love Linda Dillon den 6. november 2016

Kanalisering af Einstein

Archangel Michael restores his sword to you, to each of you, again this day. And it is a lightsaber of freedom, it is a lightsaber of truth, it is a lightsaber of peace.

Use your lightsaber of truth to bring light to those situations which are mired in darkness, confusion, and distraction. Insert the light, but do not engage.

Title: Love Acknowledges the Divinity in Every Being

Being: Archangel Michael

Let’s begin this beautiful day by breathing in a nice, deep breath of blue, and it is the blue of Michael…that deep, china, royal blue. Go into your heart…deeper, deeper…until you can feel that sense of Michael’s peace. Let go of all the craziness, whether it’s your family, or your to-do-list, or society, or the changes that are happening upon our beloved planet. Unplug, feel literally that you are unplugging and go deeper into your heart.


And let’s take a nice, deep breath of Blue Diamond, of that effervescent blue, that sparkly Sapphire that is literally the essence of our Mother. Open your crown and feel Her pouring it in…into your head, into your skull, activating your pituitary and your pineal, your hypothalamus, opening pathways, neural pathways of your brain…down into your throat, your high heart and your heart. Feel that effervescent blue filling your arms and your entire ribcage and your central column, which goes over your spinal column, out your root, down your legs. And breathe blue, the entire range of blue, from the palest aquamarine to the deepest tanzanite.


Now, in your primary hand extend and feel it upright and feel the sword of Michael. This is one of the earliest and most profound gifts that the Council and Archangel Michael have given you long ago. This is your sword of freedom! We’re not going to rush through this…feel the weight, the heft, the size of this sword given to you eons ago by Michael and given to you again, restored to you again this day.


This is your sword to destroy what is not of truth, to destroy what is not of love, to destroy illusion, and pain, and suffering, lack and limitation. It is powerful. And your sword of Michael is unique to you. So, take time to look at the hilt and the blade. Is it inscribed? Is it like a light sword? What is it?


Renew your promise, your ancient and current promise to Archangel Mi-ka-el, to carry this sword with wisdom and integrity and love, to be that champion of truth and peace and to destroy illusion wherever you find it…sometimes gently, sometimes fiercely…but always lovingly. And know that this sword can morph, transform, transmute, into the staff of life so that you have something to lean on when you’re exhausted and battle weary, or you just need to wander off into the beautiful wilds of Gaia for time out. And it can morph into a scepter, a symbol of leadership, not of abuse of power but of the ethical use of stewardship; it is one of the tools of the wayshower. Feel that…now bring it back to the sword and remember your promise. It matters not what ray you travel on. All of us have this sword to defend what’s precious, to stand for what’s right and what brings liberation for all beings.



Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And yes, I restore my sword to you, to each of you, again this day. And it is a lightsaber of freedom, it is a lightsaber of truth, it is a lightsaber of peace. Never to harm, denigrate, minimalize another, but rather to reveal the power of what is love and to stand defended and strong against those who would naysay the truth of the Mother/Father/One, the eternal existence of love, because that is all there is and it is from this that all else flows.


Yes, we have said to you many times that this is a period upon your planet when all forms of chaos come to the surface. But they come to the surface, beloved ones, for revelation, for elimination, for cleansing, for dismissal, because there is no room upon this or any planet for that which does not acknowledge the divinity of every being. Do not be deceived by naysayers, do not be deceived by those who would wish to confuse you, malign you, distract you.


Proceed from the heart, proceed from the love, and my friends, my allies, my legion, if it is not of love don’t do it. If it is not an expression of purity, of clarity, of the grace of the Mother, turn away. If it does not expand your knowing of awe and wonder at Her creations, turn away. Use your lightsaber of truth to bring light to those situations which are mired in darkness, confusion, and distraction.Insert the light, but do not engage.


You are mightily protected, defended, but your participation, your willingness in that defense, in the elimination of confusion and distraction, of course is necessary. We do not override your free will, we do not interfere with your choices. But my beloved friends…we have been having this conversation for eons…what choice is there except for love, except for truth?


You have seen the reality of war, of hatred. You have seen the fruits of devastation and they are awful, literally awful…they are terrifying, they are horrifying, they are diminishing. None who remember the truth of who they are would wish to participate in such devastation, such aberration, such abomination. You know this…so be the observer, use your sword to cut through and allow the truth to be seen. That is my request to you and leave the rest to us.


The unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan is well underway; your ascension is well underway…for some of you it is complete. Know this and proceed in the light of love and in trust.


We are with you. Go in peace. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.