How are you doing these days?


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How are you doing these days?

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner May, 2017


Dear Ground Crew,

         How are you doing these days? The past couple of months have been challenging for many of us. We are in the throes of ascension. We are watching the actors on the stage of the Greatest Show on Earth. The actors are performing their roles well, don’t you think? We are observing the transparency of the darkness with which we’ve been living for a long time. We also get to clean up our own emotions and issues. It is about getting rid of that which no longer serves us.

We have been going through over three weeks of Mercury in retrograde which began April 9 and ends May 3. This has been a time where flexibility and patience have been necessary. Trying to force things to happen simply doesn’t work anymore and particularly during Mercury retrograde. The energies feel like they are clearing and opening up now. This should begin to give some of us more energy than we have had because we have been busy integrating the energies that have been coming in.

I don’t know about where you live but certainly here in the San Francisco bay area people are driving crazily. I have never seen it like this. They make right-hand turns from the left lane; they are running red lights; they don’t see stop signs and they don’t always see you. So please stay awake and aware when you are driving. Be especially careful. Be grounded and centered and balanced. Get into your body.

We have had a lot of ships over our area in the past couple of weeks. They came twice the week of April 17, and then again the following week. They must be getting ready for something big to happen. I know they are monitoring us, cleaning up from chem trails (There is plenty.) and doing whatever is needed to help us at this time. Allergies are much improved.

Most of you know that I am a voracious consumer and disseminator of information. This past weekend I attended the New Living Expo in San Mateo. Although I am still processing what I learned, I want to share some salient information with you:
Foster Gamble from the “Thrive” movie gave an inspiring talk about breakthrough healing and energy technology for the world. The Thrive movie has now been seen by more than 70 million people from around the world. They are working on “Thrive Two”. “Mexico has cleaned out Monsanto.” . . . Foster has some connections with the White Dragon Society. They are working on releasing gold they have been holding for humanity. This is part of what is called the RV for the re-evaluation of currency. He said that they tried three times to get the gold out. The first time it was given to a certain bank and it disappeared. The other two times they have done this, people have been killed and the process has been interfered with. He is not confident about this money getting to the people for the high exchange rates. There is a lot of secrecy. He is hopeful that humanitarian projects will be funded.

Gordon Asher Davidson, author of “The Transfiguration of our World,” is still optimistic that the Day of Revelation (when all of this love energy comes to the planet) “Is not long off.” He stressed the importance of us continually “raising our frequencies through meditation, clarifying your intentions, asking for guidance, expressing gratitude for everything that supports you, letting little things go, blessing other people silently, and finding people with whom you can serve. Use the matrix of love in your energy field.”

Futurist, public speaker and author, and president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Barbara Marx Hubbard (She ran for vice president in 1984 with part of her platform being to include a peace room in the White House.), gave an inspiring talk at the age of 87. She is still as sharp as she was when I first heard her in the 90s. She mentioned that “Crises precedes evolution.” She suggested that we, “Connect and build community. . . Evolution is a natural process and from dysfunctional systems mutations occur along with increased innovation and changes. The changes are exposing what’s happening and they are intuited through our nervous system. . . There is a planetary awakening in love and we are becoming new humans. . . . Barbara stressed the importance of self-rewarding work in service in your uniqueness as an expression of the desire to say “Yes.” When one is expressing their vocation the cells in your body turn on and express at a different level. Say ‘Yes.” This raises your vibrational frequency and even more when two join together to express their own uniqueness. . . “I am evolution becoming conscious.” “There’s no such thing as powerlessness.” “Everyone is called at a time of planetary shift.” “Reality needs your service.” “Imagination creates.”

The ascension panel included Gordon Asher Davidson, William Henry, Meg Benedicte, Laura Eisenhower, and David Christopher Lewis. Meg discussed the need to be on purpose in our lives. Gordon said, “We are all being birthed as Christ.” William Henry quoted from “Revelations” in the Bible . . . “At the last trump we will be changed within a blink of an eye.” He mentioned that “Silicon Valley is trying to do the ascension through technology. We are the ones who will be making the decision on how to ascend.” Meg suggested some ways to assist your ascension; “Watch what shows up in your outer reality and ask what do I need to heal? We will be able to live in crystalline light. Work with sacred geometry. Be selective with whom you spend time.” Laura suggested using reflexology, drink water first thing in the morning and recommended using herbs, cayenne, garlic, keeping oneself inspired, and the importance of deciding boundaries and composting what doesn’t serve you (President Eisenhower’s granddaughter.) Gordon talked about “remembering that we are our Higher Selves and work with the spiritual Masters to let them help us. Be willing to serve humanity.”

Sean David Morton, a psychic, remote viewer, radio personality and past television show host, told us that when we have the lunar eclipse on August 21, that crosses part of the whole northern part of United States, that we will have another galactic alignment like the one we had on December 21, 2012. According to Sean the power outages that have been in the US lately such as San Francisco and cities on the East Coast, have to do with a new type of high-voltage circuit breaker that was installed in the power companies that are sensitive to solar flares. He predicted previously the stock market would go to 20,000 and is now predicting that it will go to 28,000. He claims that the only way for the powers that be can make money is through war right now. The Federal Reserve cannot print any more money.

The weather has become spring-like and even hot here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The other morning when I was meditating I heard the birds singing. It was music to my ears. I began to think about what it’s going to be like when all this the love vibration comes to the planet. I knew for sure in my heart that the birds would be singing, so will the angelic choirs, and that we would be outside in our new glorious world, dancing, singing, celebrating being in this divine light and love. Take a minute and feel what it might be like for you. This is how we will create our new world.

Our New World

By Valerie Donner

Can you feel our new world?
Can you taste it with your lips?
Can you touch it with your fingertips?
Can you walk it with your hips?

Can you sing it into being?
Can you write it in to seeing?
Can you watch the old world fleeing?
You are creating our new world.

Can you breathe it into your heart?
Can you make the new world your art?
What can you do to do your part
To create our world?

© 2017 The Ground Crew

A Channeled message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner, May 3, 2017

Greetings, I am Mira.

I’m speaking to you today with joy in my heart due to the progress that you are making with your ascension. Your work has assisted us and you are doing an exemplary job with your light work and in working with the energies. We understand this is challenging for many of you. You may be living in the fifth or higher dimensions at one moment and then get taken back into the third dimension. This is part of the ascension process. It requires you to be able to walk up the ascension ladder and sometimes you have to revert back to take care of matters that are still in the third the dimension.

Although the ascension process is a step-by-step process it requires flexibility and patience. It is important that you listen to the body because it is going through a lot. If you recall, this is the first time that a planet will be going through an ascension and still have life on it. This is a bit of an experiment for all of us. We are testing your abilities to physically receive the energies and love that are coming. We are also assisting you. We are noting what is working well and what is necessary for us to do differently. You are fully in the process.

You are also in the shifting timelines with overlapping realities. Time can feel stretched out or it can feel as if everything is in the now moment, which is how you will be living. Much of what has seemed important in the third dimension such as paying taxes and doing regular jobs, feels less relevant than before. For many people this is a huge time of awakening. The masses are confused with the changes, distracted, and are out of balance. The things with which they have mostly preoccupied themselves are also becoming trivial yet many are hanging on to the familiar as best they can.

As you proceed with your everyday lives you will begin to find a different areas of interest and meaning. You will feel like you need to focus increasingly on what is most important in your heart. You are learning to let your heart lead the way so that you can comfortably move into the higher dimensions and live from your heart. New focus brings new opportunity. Most of you are preparing in the dream state for the higher work that you will be doing to be of service to life to the earth. Your true purpose is around the corner.

We marvel at your accomplishments, your dedication and your commitment to the earth. Please notice as much as you can about your shifting reality. Share it with others. Give them reports on your shifting consciousness. Observe some of the quirky situations that you are beginning to experience. Everyone needs inspiration. This is partly how the lightworkers can serve.
Your galactic family is all around you in preparation for our reunion. Pay attention to us in the sky and on the planet because we are here. Give little energy to what the dark forces want you to believe. They want you to stay in fear, to believe that war is imminent, and to keep you under their control. Know in your hearts the truth and read between the lines about what is going on. There is a much more than what meets the eye. The light is everywhere.

We send you love, joy, and peace.

I am Mira.