Visualization for The New Earth ~ AWARENESS EXERCISE


Kanalisering af  St.germain mfl.


Kanaliseret gennem Goldenlight 25.nov.  2012


Kanalisering af St.germain mfl.


Channeled (Telepathically received) by Goldenlight,

Greetings we are Archangel Michael, St Germaine, Council of Angels, and the Pleadian Council of Light.

We wish to speak to you today of a Visualization for the New Earth. This is of great importance and consequence at this time. We, of the higher dimensions, have been working steadily for some “time” now (or NOW TIME) to assist your planet and beings on your planet in entering this new Golden Age of Love and Light and in Entering the higher dimensions and transitioning to the higher dimensions as well as assisting your mother earth Gaia who is a living sentient being yes she originates from the 5th dimension – and in transitioning to the New Earth. We have been working on this divinely blessed project for many NOW moments as time does not exist in our dimension but we have been blessing and co creating this new shift of everything related to your planet with a large amount of divinely blessed energy and LOVE. This love and divine energy surrounds you all NOW and surrounds your planet in a vector of higher love and light at this time, and for all times from now henceforth indeed we are entering a time where the veil between us – us in the higher dimension and humans that “were” in the 3rd dimension, for you are quickly shifting out of it – this veil between us is lifting and becoming thinner and transparent as your old 3d reality is merging with the higher dimensions of the 4th and into the 5th dimensional realities this is a huge wave of energy which is indeed sweeping the entire universe at this time, and your little but very important corner of this universe is benefiting from this universal “upshifting” of All that exists, in the universes, in the multiverse. This is all part of a divine plan that has been in place since the beginning of the beginning and is now coming into being in your reality.

We wish for all at this time to spend as much time within yourselves connecting to your higher self, and to FEEL THE ENERGIES of the higher dimensions now encircling your planet and being grounded into your planet in the crystalline grid. Archangel Metatron is the overseer of this grid and much information has been brought forth on this subject that you can read…. We wish for you to then FEEL these higher dimensional energies as your body, mind, soul, etheric body, lightbody, and higher self all connect into these divine-ly uplifting and en-light-en-ing energies which are uplfiting all who tune into them. This is the harmonizing process that we have discussed before through this channel, the harmonizing of your selves with the higher frequency vibrations which is of utmost and crucial importance at this time. This aligning of the self, then, prepares your be-ings for then assisting in this holographic projectiong of this New Earth which is being born into your realities and which is already born and thriving for all exists simultaneously in the NOW, you see this New Earth already exists and is THRIVING and it is up to all of you individually to TUNE into it in assisting this co-creation into be-ing, this grand creation of love and light which ALL are celebrating the birthing and creation of. This process then of bringing this into being into your real-ities, begins with each being, each human who is a co-creator, and begins with each being tuning into their higher self, the higher dimensional frequencies, and bringing this energy then through their creationary forms (mind, body, soul, etc), and projecting this creationary energy then into this new form of the New Earth. This New Earth exists and is being birthed at the same time. It is the bringing forth of your AWARENESS of it that brings it into your reality. Dear Gaia, your Mother Earth, who is a living breathing feeling sentient being, will be honored, cherished, and loved deeply in this New Earth; she will be honored and cherished for the loving being she is, supporting all life without and within, without expecting anything in return; her unconditional and great love for you is an aspiration to which All are inspired by. Know that there are higher beings living within her in the Inner Earth, beings of a higher dimensional frequency (known as the Agarthians), who you should all become aware of at this time. These beings are assisting in the bringing forth of this New Earth and in all beings entering into this New Golden Age of Love and Light. These beings are skilled in honoring and cherishing their dear Gaia within which they live; they live in perfect harmony, peace, cooperation, and unity within her loving embrace. These beings are beginning to come into your awareness and they send forth many emanations of love, cooperation, and harmony for you all.

Imagine a place where all beings live in Peace and Harmony, Abundance, Perfect Health, Longevity, Love, Light, embracing the higher ideals and capacities of all the higher dimensions, where all function as ONE, all cooperate as ONE, all love as ONE, and all feel as ONE. Harmony, unity, cooperation, respect for all life, equality, and all the higher qualities are the keynotes that exist in the higher dimensions and in the flourishing of this great civilization, which will soon be your new Home. Councils of Light assist in “overseeing” the planning and smooth operation of the workings of All. Can you see this in your minds eye? We are showing a mental picture to the channel at this moment and it is a glorious scene. ♥ Please take a moment to join us, and tune in. ♥   Teletransportation is used for movement, telepathy is used for communication, ALL are aware of ALL, including all beings, all connection to the Source, all connection to your mother earth Gaia, who sustains you and is now anchoring in the light of the higher dimensions into her body, and all connection to Others in the Universe and Multiverse; indeed there is Interplanetary Communication, Earth is brought into the fold so to speak of all the Councils connecting the universes and omni-verses. All beings manifest abundance, peace, harmony, enlightenment, higher learning, there is so much to describe here and to see that we would fill tomes of information with it, we are simply giving you a tiny glimpse into this world which you are all “tuning” into and “bringing forth” into your awareness.

It’s all about awareness, focus, and intention. Do not focus on the old world, the old Paradigms of negativity, lack, etc, simply focus on connecting with your higher self, the higher dimensional frequencies, and the higher dimensional reality of this New Earth Planet that you are stepping into you are switching worlds so to speak entering into higher dimensions passing through the ever thinning veil between worlds the old earth will fall away it will fade away and the new earth is where your new lives will be and all are birthing and co-creating this new reality which already exists as all exists in the Now. Again we sent a mental moving image to the channel of yourselves stepping from your old world through the thin translucent veil info the new world existing in the higher dimensions in the greatness of the NOW.

We understand that this may be information that you have already read elsewhere. NOW we are simply bringing your awareness to the importance of your connections, your focus, and your awareness at this time. The connection with your higher selves and higher dimensions, and thenceforth the connection to this New Earth which is already in place, that you as a species are bringing yourself into, is of the utmost importance now for you as a species at this time.  We tell you that although this new place is already created and exists in the NOW of all NOWS, it is your intentional focus upon it that will help you to “step” into it and to bring it into being for YOU individually and as a species, the earth human species living on your planet. With this intentional focus and awareness,  all of you individually and collectively will participate in the co creation of this into your reality; this mass consciousness of you All will begin to function as one, and within the Unity Consciousness that you are creating and existing in within this New Earth.

Practice your meditations, your connections, your intention, and your awareness. Be loving with all, tolerant with all, take what resonates with you and leave the rest, and be peaceful within your own be-ing. We greet you and welcome you with open arms into this Loving, Harmonious, Peaceful place of the New Eden upon the New Earth of which you dear are a part of. You are important, you are loved, and you are part of the All That Is. We love you all unconditionally.

We leave you with visions of our Loving Embrace and know that we are Ever Near to be of assistance, simply Call on Us and We Are There.

Thank you Council of Angels, Pleadian Council, Archangel Michael, and Ascended Master St. Germaine.

– Goldenlight ☼

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The Channel recently began receiving telepathic or “channeled” messages from the Angelic Realm via her Council of Angels, as well as from the Pleiadian Realm via the Pleiadian Council. This started occurring after a series of spiritual enlightenments and a reconnection to the Angelic and Pleiadian realm, during which time Goldenlight discovered her true soul purpose or soul mission to assist Earth during this time of great transition. She discovered that she is a “star channel” – one whose essence and mission on earth is to to be a receiver and transmitter of communications from higher dimensions and other galaxies. Goldenlight made an agreement before coming to Earth in this lifetime to assist humanity with ascension into the higher frequencies by bringing in messages of light from the Angelic, Pleiadian, and higher dimensional realms. Another part of her mission is to create spiritual art with embedded light codes that will raise the frequencies of those viewing this spiritually-inspired and divinely created “Lightworks” of art during this time of great enlightenment and transition to the higher dimensions. For more information, visit
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