There are millions of ships in the Sky


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There are millions of ships in the Sky


Mira, Plejaderne  gennem Valerie Donner  7. marts  2015


A Message from Mira from the Pleaidian High Council through Valerie Donner March 7, 2015

Dear Ground Crew How are you doing? Inside I hear, “I thought 
you would never ask.” It seems like forever since I last wrote even 
though it’s been a mere month. Did we step on the accelerator of time 
and move forward with breakneck speed? Are we still on the earth or are 
we on the new earth? Where are we and what are are we doing? Where are 
we going and how are we going to get there?

We have many questions and perhaps a few answers. Everyone seems to be 
wondering. The weather is crazy. Here in California we are having record 
breaking warm weather while still in winter. We are in our fourth year 
of drought. It makes me feel uneasy and that it’s too dry for comfort. 
The east coast of the U.S. and middle parts of the U.S, are buried in 
cold snow and ice in unparalleled proportions. They must be wondering 
when it will end. It’s got to be uncomfortable for them.

Wherever we are on the planet we are living in the extremes. These 
extremes must be shaking people up. Wherever we go change is in our own 
back yards. A few people seem to be reacting crazily. Some drivers are 
“out of it” and ragefull. We must be cautious and aware of our 
surroundings and not let potential distractions take us off course. Stay 
conscious, ground crew.

Humans for the most part dislike change. Changing weather can be 
upsetting. Changing whatever has been a routine can be even more 
unnerving. The other day I was feeling unraveled by a change at the gym 
where I have been a member for over eight years. For the past three 
years I have been dancing three times a week (Nia for those of you who 
know about it.). Our instructor told us that her class was being 
cancelled so that would leave only one Nia class a week. I quickly 
determined that I would cancel my membership because the amount I was 
paying didn’t equate with a reasonable price per Nia class.

At first I was upset. When I was talking to a dear friend about it I had 
an epiphany. I realized that I was no longer in resonance with the 
energy of the gym. I began to get excited about giving my 30 days’ 
notice. I started thinking about the new places where I could dance and 
the new people I could meet. Suddenly, I saw a multitude of new 

The Light wants only the highest good for us. Vibrations and 
consciousness matter. Whether it is in relationship, work, where we work 
out or live, who or what is in our lives move and flow in accordance 
with us. We are in a divine process of change and the flow is a quick 
one. We need to be able to let go of our ruts and routines for something 
even better. Our Creator wants to give us everything.

In our traditional 3D way, some of us want to know “How much longer is 
this going on?” “When will it end?” “When will we become enlightened?” 
“When will ascension happen?” The questions are endless. From what I 
glean the next three years will be amazing. As we rise into the fifth 
dimensional consciousness our lives will become easier and we will 
receive support we have longed to have. We will find softer landing pads 
and new gifts and abilities. Our creativity will soar along with our 
manifesting abilities. Yes, we will need to be flexible and we won’t 
have to be fighting for what we want and need. It’s there waiting for us 
to receive.

As long as we focus on where we are going (like love, oneness and unity) 
and don’t buy into the fear mongering of the dark forces, we will do 
fine. They are afraid of us so we need to let them attempt to play out 
their schemes while rising above it. We should be focused on the Divine 
Plan and know that we are being held in our Creator’s hands and heart. 
Hold the Light, ground crew. That’s’ our job.


A Channeling with Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner March 7, 2015

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

As you may know I am currently working full time with the 
Earth Council. Presently we are bombarded with numerous requests for 
counsel and guidance. There are many tricksters who are self-promoting 
or who are leading gullible ones down some paths that are not for their 
highest good. It is important for ground crew to remain discerning for 
these times can be somewhat tricky. This is part of the ascension 
process. It is one of ferreting out the truth from the false. “Beware of 
wolves in sheeps’ clothing.”

What we know as truth is that you are sincere in your desire to assist 
the earth’s ascension. We are in alignment with you. We are doing 
everything that we can to guide the process and to make it as simple as 
possible. A new system that is life sustaining cannot be built 
overnight. The foundation must be laid. The foundation needs to be 
strong and built upon the correct principles. We are incorporating 
universal laws and principles that work. It is exciting and exasperating 
too. We see that old programs with which you have been accustomed have 
to be demolished energetically prior to new structures being built. Step 
by step this is happening. Fortunately we do not have to go through your 
onerous systems to make change. Ours work systemically and are supported 
by the Light.

We are impressed with the progress that is being made on every level. We 
are grateful to you for the hard work that you are doing. Our Creator is 
pleased. The earth is grateful too. She is beginning to have more say in 
her own wellbeing. We need you to stand up for her and for life on the 
planet. This is a co-operative venture.

There are millions of ships in the sky surrounding the earth. Most are 
cloaked so they cannot be seen. They are learning from you, protecting 
you, and staying on call should they be needed in an emergency. They 
have various roles according to their specialties. Right now the earth 
needs help with balance. She is changing rapidly so with every action 
there is a reaction. We are also grateful to the inner earth beings that 
do their jobs in maintaining balance. More will be learned about them in 
the future.

Our scientists are constantly monitoring your atmosphere. There are many 
contaminants that are detrimental to life both on and off the planet 
that are sourced from the earth. It’s like what happens to the human 
body when many drugs are ingested and the interactions of the drugs 
become problematic. Let’s say these contaminants are not supportive to 
life and we get to determine how we can help clean them up. The earth is 
suffering and so is life. We find this tragic.

With our combined efforts our long desired plan for the earth’s 
ascension will occur. This is a multi-dimensional process. Trying to 
figure it out with the human brain is impossible. In our situation we 
are each given parts of what we need to know. We can only reveal 
information as we are allowed. Many of you would like to know the whole 
picture yet you must remember that the Creator is in charge. We are 
informed when we need to know.

We send our love and utmost respect for who you are and what you are 

I am Mira.

Greetings, I am Mira. ( februar 5, 2015)
I am working full time with the Earth Council. We are in profound 
preparation. This means that we are busy and in the throes of change. 
You are the focal point and we are in place to serve the earth. Let’s 
all work together.

We like what we see with the consciousness of humanity right now. Many 
are awakening and getting their hearts opened and their eyes filled with 
surprises. There will be plenty of surprises for you as the ascension 
process continues. There is a lot that we can do together for the earth 
along with the assistance of the entire enclave of our space family, the 
Masters, angels and Archangels, inner earth beings, as well as the 
elementals and nature spirits. We have spiritual tools to help spiritual 
people. We also have the technology and other resources to do what is 
required to hold the earth in place until the right time comes for a big 

I don’t want to sound like people who have not been on the spiritual 
path will be left out. Some will surprisingly open and receive from us 
and others may not be quite ready. Our Creator includes all in this 
Divine Plan. It requires that some openness be there at the soul level. 
We are without judgment and have only peace and love to offer. We will 
point the way to the freedom that you deserve. We have extensive 
knowledge of you, far more than most of you have of us. We will apply 
the necessary resources to accomplish the Master Plan of creation.

As ground crew you can assist us by staying open and positive. Many of 
you have been on this journey for a long time. You know what you need to 
do and more will be required as the situation requires. We know many of 
you are weary but please understand that your desires for the ascension 
of the planet are in the works. We would not be here if the situation 
were otherwise. There is no time like this now moment to move forward 
with the awakening.

Have you noticed how much more attention is being given to astrological 
events and space events on the earth? For example, you have meteors, 
asteroids, solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and other noteworthy 
occurrences that are being brought to your consciousness. This is all 
intended to facilitate the shift and to awaken the planet so you know 
that you are not alone.

There are more of us touching base with you daily than ever before. We 
accomplish this through various means like telepathy, face to face 
introductions, space play (like catching your attention), the media and 
entertainment, and other ways that I choose to keep private. The 
opposing forces cannot prevent us from what we do. They would like to 
but it is not within their ability.

This is exciting to us. We want to offer you every advantage to further 
your evolution and join again with your space family. We are here and we 
are with you.

We love you.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council dedicated to the earth.