The plan is set


Kanalisering af Sanat Kumara og Mira, Plejaderne

The plan is set

Sanat Kumara og Mira, Plejaderne gennem Valerie Donner den 07. juni 2012

Kanalisering af Sanat Kumara og Mira, Plejaderne

Dear Ground Crew,

About 15 years ago Spirit gave me the name for my new business–The Ground Crew Project. That was the beginning of this website and my connection with you. During this time I have met many wonderful Lightworkers such as you. It has been a long and sometimes arduous journey.  In 1997 some of us thought that we were ready for the shift. We thought the earth changes were in process, the space ships were going to come and that enlightenment was at hand. Little did we realize we had a lot more to experience in this third dimensional world. We had to become stronger, more discerning and focused on our life purpose. We had a ground work to cover. We had to gather the ground crew.

The ascension process is comprised of thousands of steps. We did not know in the early days that we would be taking such a long time for this to happen. Now it is upon us. The impact is huge. We are feeling the effects of all of the planetary changes, the astrological shifts, the social and economic challenges, health, relationship, work and financial issues are major. Even though the past is over we have not found the sound footing or even a railing to hang onto yet. It all boils down to faith, love and to being open to the new. We have to trust Prime Source.

What has been going on with many of us is astounding. The eclipses, the Venus/Sun transit of the past couple of days has been hitting some of us in challenging ways. Have any of you felt ungrounded even though you are ground crew? Have you had difficulty sleeping, low energy, irritability, felt like hiding out under the covers, needing to be quiet, and challenged trying to do anything?  Our bodies need rest and yet sometimes it is impossible to do that.

If you recall, we are in a divine experiment. Usually when a planet ascends there is no one living on it. This time we are here and we get to feel the changes on multiple levels. How could the physical impact be completely projected?  Think about how much Light and energy are necessary to shift the consciousness of a place like the Earth. Whew, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Astrologically the planet Venus will not transit with the Sun like this again until 2117. We will not be around to see it. What the planets are telling us is that it is time to bring back the divine feminine energy and to balance it with the divine masculine. It is in preparation for living in the fourth and fifth dimensions when we are heart focused. We will be living from our hearts.

Self-focus, greed and competition will become passé. These behaviors are not a part of the higher consciousness.


Sanat Kumara
The Venus Sun Transit is the gateway to the heart.

I thought I would ask Sanat Kumara, who is called the Ancient of Days, to speak with us about the Venus transit. He is from Venus and is responsible for the Earth’s ascension, as well as Venus’. This is what he has to tell you:

Greetings.  I am Sanat Kumara. I will give you a quick overview of the recent events that you are feeling. Some of you are more sensitive than others. The energies that you are feeling are part of the process of shifting your bodies and your consciousness. It is necessary for many cellular and DNA shifts to occur in order for you to receive the gifts and blessings of these energies.

You have different roles to play in this process. Some of you are transmitters of the currents of higher consciousness energies. This transmission must occur when you are in more of the alpha state of consciousness; therefore, you will be in an awakened consciousness. You volunteered for this job and we apologize for the challenges that are required of you.

Your brains are also being re-wired. Some of this work keeps you awake. Many of you are sensitive to the Light at night. You must try sleep in the dark because the Light could also contribute to your inability to sleep.

Just think about what it means to be a part of the “great awakening.” We are telling you this because you are already awake and helping to awaken the masses who don’t understand what is going on with the planet. It takes a lot of higher vibrational currents to carry the higher frequencies.

The Venus transit is about softening the heart and allowing the divine feminine energies to become more of the healing and driving force for the Light on the Earth. You need to assimilate as much of this energy as possible. This transit will have a long term effect upon you and the Earth as well. Be receptive and call forth the full integration of these energies will all of your heart. As soon as you do this your situation will improve on all levels.

You may feel as if you don’t know what you are doing but you really do know. You have done this many times and are well trained. It is the body that is new to the process. Be open and don’t resist.

Thank you for all of the good work you are doing. We love and appreciate you greatly.