Straight From The Heart


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Straight From The Heart 

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner January 16, 2016


Dear Ground Crew,

     Happy New Year! This year portends to be a better year than last. Some are saying it is a year of action, rapid change, truth, perhaps disclosure, congruence, creativity, and Light. Last year was the culmination of the three years of integration since December 21, 2012. We had much to integrate from the huge shift as the earth moved through the galactic core and life as we have known it began changing.

This is a good link to review about 2015 and the re-shaping of history. 2015 year in review: 29 trends and events that just re-shaped history.

This is also a Nine Year which is completion. Nine is also the most powerful number. We also get to kick off this year with Mercury going retrograde on January 5th until January 25th. In this part of the world it’s a time of contemplation and quiet for many of us. We get to reflect on where we have been and outline our dreams for this year and our future.

Last year some of us said goodbye to friends and family members who transitioned to the other side. One of my friends who passed in October came to me the night she died and asked me what to do. I told her to “Go to the Light!” Then a couple of days later I was shopping in Target I heard my name called and no one was around. I know it was her. When I tune into her now I feel that she is free and progressing. She passed from colon cancer. Our loved ones are still around us and we have to honor their choices. That is the only way I can reconcile missing them.

Yesterday I was in a store and I heard a lady say, “I couldn’t find Christmas.” Some people said they were feeling the same way as they went through the motions of the holidays. This means that we are in a new time line and that life is not as it was. Even people who are not into our spiritual ways of thinking are noticing how time is going quickly. I wonder what it will be like this time next year.

I was discussing this with a friend last night. She said she and her family said they couldn’t feel Christmas either. Then we were joking around I was saying that maybe this time next year we will have crystal Christmas trees, the real Masters at our footsteps, and the ability to instantly manifest whatever presents we want under our tree. We might be living in a higher multi-dimensional time line. Wouldn’t that be fun?

For many of you who have been reading my messages for 20 years now, you might remember how at that time we thought we were ready for ascension. What kind of time warp were we in? Since then we have had to travel many miles and learn numerous lessons. Humanity certainly was not ready either. Are they ready now? Is the ground crew ready?

The best way that we can do our work is to HOLD THE LIGHT! There are opposing forces who want us to be in fear and terror. Don‘t go there! We need to maintain a high vibration so that we can work with all of the Light that is inflowing to us and the earth. Rise above what is in the mass media, or better yet, ignore what they are saying. Transmute the dark energies with St. Germain’s violet flame.

Patti Cota Robles did a wonderful Winter Solstice Meditation on December 21. She recommends asking, “How am I contributing to the Light of the world?” Ask yourself how can I handle this situation to enhance the world with harmony and love? She talked about the importance for Lightworkers to attain financial freedom and move into prosperity consciousness.

These energies require that we become even more conscious of our thoughts, words and actions. When we find that we are out not maintaining our higher vibration we can use the violet flame. We can invoke: Beloved Mighty I AM, take full command of this situation this day and every day almighty I AM, almighty I AM, almighty I AM. We can invoke the Light of God along with the violet flame.

With the whacky energies and many people not paying attention to what is going on around them, it’s important to use a powerful force field of protection before going to sleep and getting up in the morning, according to Patti. For instance, the end of last year a couple of people ran into my car twice. I thought I was protected but am using this protection much more consciously now. My car and I are still in healing mode although I am much better.

Whacky Times

By Valerie Donner

Whacky times
With whacky people
Make one wonder
If we are equal.

We are capable of many things;
Just think bigger
And fly with angels wings.

Whacky people can’t get us down
As we rise up
They might frown.

Now we get to know the truth.
All signs point
To what’s uncouth.

Whacky times are unusual.
We must consider people
In deep perusal.

Of the old times
We must let go.
Even if times are whacky
Let’s get on with the show.

© 2016 The Ground Crew

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner January 8, 2016

Greetings I am Mira. I am working now with the Earth Council to assist with the ascension of the earth and life on the earth.

You are progressing well with your ascension. Energetically you are advancing into higher consciousness. Your vibrations are rising. You are in full swing with your ascension.

We are pleased to announce this because we know that you are working diligently amongst many obstacles. We observe the hardships and the turmoil that you are currently wading through on the earth. At this moment many of you are clearing out your final issues that have held you back for eons of time. Each realization and healing counts because this is a step by step process.

One of the paradoxes of going through ascension is that as you progress it is not always obvious. There is no grading system telling you how you are doing. You will know your progress by the amount of love you are feeling and the bliss that you are allowing. Even though you might be in these nice energies for a while you might slip back and tackle another issue that is holding you back from taking on more of the loving blissful frequencies. It is a back and forth process.

As students and co-creators of the New Earth you are constantly learning. You are working in your sleep as well as during your awakened state. We understand how cumbersome some of the challenges are that you face. We know how some of you struggle with clearing the old limitations that have been programmed into your lives. Please know these are not who you are and in a short time you will be able to more fully live without the past struggles. You have earned your merit, ground crew.

It is important that you remain adaptable and resourceful. Let nothing hold you back from your desired outcome—to create Heaven on Earth. You do it with the assistance of all of creation. You are doing it with the best of the best and we consider you to be the best of the best also.

What does it matter if it takes more focus or more time in the whole scheme of a planetary ascension? We want it to be done right, safely and beautifully as it is intended to be. The outcome will be that you will be living in wonderment and awe. What happened in the past will have little bearing on how you will be living. Life will be entirely different.

The earth is going through her trials and tribulations too. She is in need of healing and we are working with our environmental and technical teams to assist the earth wherever it is needed.

Reach for the stars. Call upon us. Welcome us into your lives. We will get to know each other and have much to share.

I am Mira in loving service.