Kanaka Wai Wai


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Kanaka Wai Wai 

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner April 9, 2016



Dear Ground Crew,

     First, let’s check in about the latest energies we have been feeling for the past couple of weeks. I have checked with quite a few of my friends here in the San Francisco bay area about this and here’s what we have been feeling: “off, negative, out of sorts, not like our normal selves, intense, shadow stuff coming up, spinning heads, dizziness, increased sensitivity, easier to get angry and hard to concentrate.” Are any of you feeling similarly or what are you experiencing?

Some of my clients are having nightmares and I would classify most these as dark attacks from the lower astral realms. Please use protective force fields of Light in the morning before rising and at night prior to going to sleep. I have been protecting not just myself but my computers, car, bank accounts (had some fraudulent action on one of them with someone from India), family, friends, clients, etc.

What is causing these energies? Is it the earth, solar activity, chemtrails, psychotronics from the dark forces or just a part of the ascension process? According to Gordon Asher Davidson, author of “The Transfiguration of our World,” in his “Galactic News, on April 2, 2016,” “The recent energies are part of the earth’s higher frequencies coming in, imploding energy on the planet and the raising of our frequencies. There is a lot of heavy dark energy on the planet and we are feeling it. The Light Alliance is always helping. In some ways it’s the best of times and the worst of times. These energies stimulate the survival issues and the grounding chakras. It’s influencing everyones’ subconscious with fear that people won’t survive. Most people are not open to other levels. We must learn to manage these issues. They are major for everyone. Very big karma is going on with individuals. The solution is the complete overhaul of all financial and social systems and the complete removal of the dark forces.” A ground crew member sent me the following dream that she had recently: “I had the strangest dream ever. In this dream I was in Hawaii and there were four ukulele guys playing “KANAKA WAI WAI”.

“This phone rang and there was this voice that sounded like when they try to disguise someone’s vocal identity on a TV show. The voice said:
“‘Do you need help down there? Do you need protection? We have been watching your planet very closely and we can see you are having a hard time. We believe your planet is very important.’
“I said: “Well, yeah sure. Why do you sound so weird?”

“The voice said: ‘We are calling from very far away, Andromeda, where we just sound like radio waves. We found this vocal device so that you can understand us.’”

“I said: ‘Why are you calling right now?’
“He said: ‘This music is so beautiful that it drew us to you.’”

1. https://youtu.be/eKQrahj1IqU

2. Olomana – Kanaka Wai Wai – Duration: 3:21.

Even the cabal is getting their consequences. The latest whistleblowing event called the Panama Papers released 11.5 million names from a law firm in Panama called Mossack Fonseca with names of the elite who have their money in foreign accounts. Some think this is a movement from the dark CIA and George Soros to punish people like the Prime Minister of Iceland. He is the only Prime Minister who jailed 29 bankers for their parts in the 2008 collapse. Apparently, these 29 bankers were all released before the Icelandic president stepped down on April 5.

The cabal seems to be focusing on interfering with the progress of the global financial changes that are taking place. In Brazil they are suspected to be behind a big overthrow of the President. Brazil is one of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) who are creating their own financial system. Two good websites to follow this information are: www.whatreallyhappened.com and www.mayanmajix.com Change is happening at breakneck speed throughout the planet. We get to determine how to maneuver through it.


Are We Off?

 By Valerie Donner


Are we off or are we on?
When is this ascension thing coming around?

The dark are going crazy.
We have the Lights on.

Turn up the power,
Strike up the band,
Living on earth is now out of hand.

We have to go higher to live in 5D;
3D is over, can’t you see?

There’s lots to do, more truth to be told.
It’s in with the new,
And out with the old.

Let’s rise above it
Whether we’re off or we’re on.

The future is now.
The Light has a bond!

© 2016 The Ground Crew


The Master Hilarion was with us On April 6, in my Monthly Meeting with the Masters. This is a bit of what he said, “The best is yet to come. Cross over the bridge of troubled waters. Let go of anger, despair, and hopelessness. Forget the past. Love the now moment and let it love you. Come my way. I welcome you into my heart. Receive the blessings of peace and love. Lay down your weary body and uplift your soul with the loving goodness I am generating for you.

“You are the gifted ones. You will be paid well for the fruits of your labor. Be prepared to receive. We are calling all Lightworkers to stay on a steady track of Light. Believe in your selves to free yourselves.”

The Master Hilarion is the master of the fifth ray, which is green, the flame of healing and manifestation.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner April 8, 2016

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, serving full time on the Earth Council.

The truth be told is that we are astounded at the events currently occurring on your planet. To use your phraseology “It is like a three ringed circus.” We assist with the ascension process in numerous locations in creation but we have never seen anything quite like this. As ground crew you are sharpening up your skills and mastery as you are maneuvering through some of the darkest energies we have seen. You are earning not only your Badge of Courage but many extra awards for your diligence and expertise. Your big reward will be to inherit your earth back.

Thank you for your loving service and willingness to participate in this divine experiment. The Creator is pleased with you too and so are the many members of the Light Alliance and the Galactic Alliance. Without your cooperation the evolution of this Solar System and many others would not be as feasible.

Little by little and layer by layer, the dark forces are being stripped from their grip upon you and the planet. We assure you that even though it might feel otherwise we see what is happening and want you to know they are pressed for continuing their agenda. They are behaving like wild tornados because they know their time is short. You might liken them to your big alligators thrashing about with their long tails. They are angry and hungry to maintain their control and greed. Our message to them is this is the hour when they are losing their power. Certain motions have taken place that will assure their complete demise in the near future. Their horrific behavior fully results in this happening sooner than later. They are behaving badly towards the earth and humanity. This will no longer be tolerated. We have full and complete authority to use whatever means are necessary to take corrective action. To speak in language that you use to children who are misbehaving, “You have stepped over the line.”

The crisscrossing over and around the complicated systems is already in place. We continue to monitor everything that is going on in their minds and their actions. Every one of us has assignments just like you. When the time in right you will know more of what you will be doing. We think you will like your new assignments. In the meanwhile, keep taking in the Light, meditating, praying and directing helpful energies and resources where you see they are needed. Stay out of fear and abide in the reassuring energies of love.

New patterns for a new earth and new life on the earth are already overlaid. They will be anchored in in the appropriate moment. We know you are deserving of a much better way of life. The struggles and suffering are nearly over then the re-building will begin. You will begin to see the way out of the past into a glorious new future.

We are with you, guiding you and protecting you. We are also standing up for your rights to a much better life on beloved earth. Please continue to be the beacons of Light and shining stars of the earth. We love you and are astounded at who you are ground crew.

In loving service, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.