Getting Rid Of The Dirt


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Getting Rid Of The Dirt 

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner March 4, 2016


Dear Ground Crew,

     Have you ever felt the way you are feeling now??? Here in the U.S. our elections are like a three ring circus. I wonder how much further the candidates (and past candidates) can stoop. The lowest common denominator might a requirement for running for President. Politics seems to have turned into a reality show to see who can survive the longest.

What is the purpose for such distractions? Is it because the exaggerations with the election process and government are mirroring what needs to change? Is it time to change the election process? Are both of the parties too big for their britches? Is the magnification of what’s wrong part of the ascension process?
Perhaps you might want to read Swami Beyondananda’s (Steve Bhareman) most recent article. He sent it to the main stream media’s “Huffington Post” only to have the distinguishing honor of having it rejected.

Where To Invade Next, OR … How Did the USA Get So %#!&@ STUPID

What else feels surrealistic to you? Let’s see, our food supply has been corrupted with GMO’s so one has to be careful about what they eat; 51 percent of new jobs have a salary of $30,000 or less; our water in many places is contaminated and those who are supposed to be looking out for the welfare of the populace turned away; the banksters from the big financial collapse have not been held accountable for their actions; we are being spied upon through our phones, computers, smart meters, and televisions; and the list goes on.

The other day my six year old granddaughter and I were playing outside. She looked up in the sky and saw a white vapor coming from the back of a plane. She said, “Grammy, what is that coming out from the plane?” I offered, “It is chemicals. They have been spraying them for 20 years now.” She remarked, “Who do they think we are flies????”

On March 2nd, in my “Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class,” we worked with the profound presence of Sanat Kumara. He is also called “The Ancient of Days” and the “Youth of Endless Summers.” He is from Venus and has assisted humanity from the Light Realms perhaps longer than any other master. He is responsible for the ascension of the earth and Venus. He is the planetary logos for the earth, its prime overseer.

One of the first images I received from him was a list. I began to sense how busy he is and how complicated the ascension process is. He said, “As you go about your lives the subtle energies are shifting everything. Pause and pay attention because this is what ascension is about. . . Ascension has a life of its own. The energy keeps moving. (I saw something like a toroidal.) You can’t go up unless you go down. . . It’s a good thing that we in the Light Realms have unlimited energy for this process. You need to rest at times no matter how much you want the changes. (Then I saw what looked like the Arc of the Covenant being carried away.) It will shift in one majestic sweep!”

Then my thoughts were about what it would be like after “the sweep. What I heard was, “ Life will be different. Clear. Quiet. Safe. Bright. Obvious. Loving. Dream like. You will feel lighter. Your bodies will feel different. You will walk differently (Perhaps due to a change in gravity?), slower. Peace. Calm.”

Oh what a feeling of a shift, ground crew! No wonder we are feeling different, like maybe we have lost some of our bearings. Everything is becoming new. We are too. We are becoming the beings we were truly meant to be so we can do what we actually came here to do.

If 3d seems lackluster and cumbersome that is because it is. Most of us are ready to be in the 5th dimension all of the time. The problem is we are in the now holding the energy for “the majestic sweep.” We have the privilege of getting out our personal dust pans and clearing out what no longer belongs. We can see this in the micro level of our personal lives and in the larger picture such as our current election process where it looks like we need a big dust broom and dust pan.

Many years ago Walt Disney had the “Mickey Mouse Club Show” on television. On Tuesday the opening song was, “Today is Tuesday. Do you know what that means? We’re going to have a special guest. Get out the broom. Sweep the place clean so we can roll out the mat and the welcome can be seen.”

That’s exactly what we are doing and it does feel like the “Mickey Mouse Club Show.” We are cleaning up our lives and the earth. When our guests come we want the welcome mat to be seen. We don’t want to present them with a lot of dirt, do we?


Getting rid of the Dirt

By Valerie Donner

Whether it’s scum in the tub
Or dirt in the bank,
Our little engines that could
Are holding a think tank.

The earth has been living
In the Light and the crud.
We have to clean out our closets
And get out of the mud.

The spiritual closets are bare
With self interest in the forefront.
The profiteers have benefitted
While the rest of humanity got the junk.

It’s clean up time.
Dirt is everywhere.
The Light is shining on it
Including the underwear.

We have a big job.
That’s for darn sure.
We get to rise in the Light
And get out of the manure.

Do what you can
To make it all right.
We have to polish up ourselves
And make the earth bright.

Getting rid of the dirt
Can bring bountiful joy.
We’ll be sparkly new
In the blink of an eye.

© 2016 The Ground Crew

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

Greetings, I am Mira.

Most of you know I am working full time with the Earth Council and have been doing this for about five years now.

We are in lively times in our ascension process with you and the earth. We have big priorities that we have to shift regularly. As soon as we resolve certain problems other issues appear. This is the way ascension works. It is a step by step process. I am here to remind you that we are progressing.

Remarkable breakthroughs are occurring within, upon and around the planet. We are a part of an astounding team from the Light Alliance and all of the Galactic’s. You are a part of this team. We respect and love you for all that you are doing.

It is necessary to stay as Light filled and grounded as possible. The dark forces would like to de-rail the process but this will not work. We are aware of every thought, move and deed. We are ahead of them. There is no way they can win. They might as well hold up a white flag and surrender. However, we know they don’t think that way. They want to fight until the finish.

I am telling you this so that you remain a vigilant ground crew full of appropriate words, thoughts and deeds. Please do not let your anger get the best of you. We understand how shocking their behavior is to you and that you would never behave the way they do. This is part of the final release of duality. You will have learned what you could from the contrast.

These are challenging energies. As this channel has told you, the process is working. Make the best of every situation to bring in more Light. In fact, your primary role right now is to transfigure the Light. Your Light magnifies with all of the other Lights and exponentially expands the Light on the earth.

If the energies appear to be choppy it is because you are clearing out that what is no longer necessary or appropriate for you or the planet. I will say that your plants and animals are faring quite well with this process. The human ego is struggling for most but is beginning to take a lessor role in the lives of humanity.

Soon you will find there will not be any need for fear of survival for all of your needs will be met way beyond measure. This is the way your life on earth was designed to be but the planet took a turn for the worse. There is a correction process already in place. Most of you will be very happy when you no longer have to live like you have for many, many years.

Together we are accomplishing much for the ascension process. When this is over you will be able to reflect upon the huge achievements we will have made. You will see how you will be called the professional ground crew and you will be pleased.

We are grateful to you, love and stand among you in loving yourselves and the earth free.

I am Mira in devoted service.


It is apparent that we need to be discerning right now. The dark forces are inserting their energies wherever they can to get us off track by using fear, confusing us with disinformation, making us feel helpless with negativity and distractions, attempting us to feel victimization so they can continue to run the show.

We are the unknown factor in their world of darkness. We are the Light. The stakes are high and they know they are on the way out. That is why I remind you to be discerning. Lately, I can tell there is a lot of disinformation. The way the dark forces work is to give some truth and then some non-truths. Our job is to wade through the information and feel what is right for us. They use disinformation to keep us off balance.