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Kanalisering af Mira - Plejaderne

Focos on the Earth

Kanaliseret gennem Valerie Donner den. 30. marts 2012

Kanalisering af Mira - Plejaderne

Dear Ground Crew,

By now many of you may have read my “Ground Crew News Flash” with the information I received in my March 21 channeling with Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I was surprised when she said that she was stepping down from the Pleiadian High Council to devote her full attention to the Earth. She has a position on the Earth Council that is a top priority.

Although I have not transcribed her channeling from March 21, I will now channel her at the beginning of my update so that she can tell you what she wants you to know. (In case you have not received it, it is here)

A Channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner March 30, 2012

Greetings, I am Mira. I am still from the Pleiadian High Council, however due to the urgency of the times on Earth I am now fully focused with you. I have an alternate who will fill my position until it is time for me to return to the Pleiadian High Council.

This change is not about fear. It is about the needs of your planet and life on the Earth. As I have previously shared with you, we are experts in the ascension process. It is what we do. We go to various planets and assist them with this process. The Earth is well on her way to higher consciousness. We are not the only other planetary system that is a part of the Earth Council. We join with others to bring forth a new way of living–a dimensional jump.

As progress continues there will not be a need for many of the current third dimensional ways of living on the Earth. Scarcity will become passé. Greed, deceit, hatred, fear, competition, service to self, war, control, and many other negative ways of being will shift. This will allow the energies of love, service to others, co-operation, unity, abundance, peace and great blessings to prevail in your lives.

To some of you the fifth dimensional ways of being might sound like your fairy tales. I assure you this is not the case. However, when a planet moves from the lower third dimensional frequencies there are some, especially those who have been in control, who go to extraordinary means to maintain control. This is what is happening now. These beings thrive on your fear. It becomes their ultimate goal to have a stronghold on you. They do not want to see the Earth or you ascend.

It is because of these schemes that I am fully attentive to the process at hand on the Earth. We have experts of all kinds to assist you in rising above the current challenges. We understand that these dark strategies can seem overwhelming but we want to assure you that this is not the case. We are here to provide love and support. We will help usher you and the Earth into the higher energies. This is a flowing and complicated process that is fully in place.

We are also monitoring the Earth’s progress. She is doing well yet she still has a lot of purging and cleansing to do. Imagine how the ruthless lack of reverence for the Earth has created imbalances. She deserves all of the love and attention that we can give her.

I am also here due to potential emergent as well as non-emergent situations. These potentials require quick action at times. As part of the ground crew, you may be required to step into action. Most of humanity is still distracted and asleep. Our fleets surround you. Our Creator has accounted for all possibilities. You will know what to do when the time arrives.

Towards this end many events will occur for the rest of the year 2012 and for several years after this year. You will be busy. This can be a time of sorrow and loss for because many are choosing to make their ascension on this side. Some simply do no have healthy bodies, are in fear of the higher energies, or feel complete in other ways, so they will be transitioning.

Whatever choices are made we assure you that you will be seeing your loved ones again. They will be with you. They will be well cared for and loved whether they are in physical form or not.

Our Creator is a loving and compassionate being. Although a lot will be asked of you, even more will be given. There are many great beings with you and the Earth right now. We are simply a breath away. Watch what happens in the sky. Pay attention to the needs of others. Focus on love not fear. Know that I am here to serve you and the Earth in love and peace.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


What Else is Happening?

These are times of change and coming together. It has become increasingly apparent to me that through multiple ways people are being asked to step out of themselves. My prayer list grows longer continually. With friends, family and others that we may know of we are being drawn together to pray for others. The Occupy Movement is but one example of a unifying process. Mira and other members of our space family are here. Even through terrible injustices the spirit of humanity is rising to rectify wrongs that have been committed. Here in the San Francisco bay area we have a huge wave of Internet coupon companies that help people get discounted services and provide business for those in need. I see this as a coming together for everyone to help each other through challenging economic times. There are always creative solutions to problems. We cannot get stuck in feeling hopeless. My friend Noorah Hansen and I have worked separately for years and recently were guided to offer a teleclass called “Transcend these Times of change in 2012, A Multi-dimensional approach to Self-discovery and Healing.”

We are not alone. The energies of the fifth dimension are unity. As we find ways to be creative and helpful in these emergent energies we will be serving the Higher Good. We need to get out of the stuck dross feeling of the limited material third dimensional world. When we embrace the new in love and Light we will manifest beyond our wildest imaginations.



Thrive Movement

For those of you who have not seen the “Thrive Movie” I highly recommend that you see it. It is an important movie for an awakening humanity. Some of us have known the information in the movie for a long time but others may not be so aware.

Beginning April 5, 2012 you will be able to watch “Thrive” for free by going to: Please be sure to watch the entire movie.
In Conclusion

The Masters, Archangels, space family and all the beings of Light are with us now. They are closer than ever. Humanity is becoming closer than ever in spite of the false appearances of separation, fear and negativity that appear in the forefront of the media. As ground crew we know and feel the truth.

We are closer than ever to Mother Earth. We feel her pain, shifts and waves of emotion. We align with her path of ascension. We are on course to the Pathway of Light. We will have bountiful help through the changes ahead.

Thank you for being a part of the ground crew and for doing the Light work that brought us to this sacred place on the Earth.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


©2012 The Ground Crew