Become af Part of Your Galactic Self


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Become af Part of Your Galactic Self 

Channeling of Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner  3. September  2015


Dear Ground Crew,

      I hope that you have not all ascended so that you get this message. Some people told us that the “first wavers” were going into higher consciousness on the 28th of September, after the Fourth Red Blood Moon. I am still here although I felt a big shift. It feels like an ongoing process. What feels different is lack of fear about some old core issues, more faith in the Creator, deeper and more light filled, love filled meditations, increased empathy, intensity and heart based energy.The red blood moon on the 27th was beautiful. I viewed it from a hill in San Francisco. Never having seen the moon like that I was impressed. I felt the high loving energies the entire day on the 27th. The next few days some of my Lightworker friends and I needed a lot of rest. It would be fun to know what some of you felt. We were integrating the new energies and also being affected by the big solar flares.

If you were counting on ascending I pray you were not disappointed. We are closer than ever. Each of us is in our own process. We are progressing. We are doing it daily with our meditations, love and Light. Our DNA is changing and the more we consciously work to raise our vibrations the better it gets. We are doing this as Lightworkers in unison.

On October 1st I got to hear Gordon Asher Davidson speak. He wrote the book “The Transfiguration of Our World.” He gave us an update on some things that are going on right now. He said that “The disturbances in the Middle East are the culmination point of a karmic cycle. . . The day of Revelation will free them of their karma and a new cycle will be started. Some of the karma goes back to Atlantis. . . There will be the neutralization of all weapons after the Day of Revelation. . . Light is the focus in the Middle East. The majority of the people in Iran are of the Light except for their leaders. . . Lebanon has a mixed population of light and dark. . . Israel has a dark side which is where Isis is coming from. ‘Israel is like the wounded child of the world.’. . . The U.S. is still full of scarcity, greed and materialism due to the cabal and the militants. . . There is a new consciousness arising. . . The higher Galactic’s are helping us evolve.”

Gordon remarked about the presidential candidates in the U.S. pointing out that “Bernie Sanders is of the Light” and that “his candidacy is supported through small donations on the Internet and they match Hillary’s contributions while she proceeds with campaigning as usual.” The media fail to mention Bernie, so isn’t that interesting? “Bernie and the Pope are parallel and work with the cooperation of the Light Alliance.”

“Trump represents what the Republicans think and don’t say.” That sounds like he is a metaphor for that type of thinking and it sounds like it won’t fit well after the Day of Revelation. “There will become a reckoning of the financial system. . . Humanity is ready to accept a new set of truths. . . The Israel Palestine conflict is attributed to an old set of clan wars so it’s karmic too what they are going through.”

Beginning November 7th Gordon Asher Davidson will be doing monthly Updates with the Galactic News, from the Galactic Earth Light Alliance. He will discuss the radical shifts occurring in finance, politics, media and all dimensions of human life….They are creating a new website which you can go to in about two weeks to sign up: There will be six 1.5 hours of an Overview of News for $15 per session. The first session is free so check it out if you want to keep informed. It’s important to have read the book too.

Did any of you watch the Pope speak to Congress? I never thought I would hear what he said in our Congress. It was profound. Light was pouring out from him. I could see that he has stepped into his mastery. He was St. Francis of Assisi as well as the Master Kuthumi. I can’t wait for some of the other masters to come back.

NASA finally told us there is water on Mars and that there could be life there. Hmmm. I wonder what this will portend don’t you?

Recently I created a new class called “Take the Time to Awaken.” I provide a perspective and quite a bit of information of what is happening today on the planet. I was surprised at some of the reactions to this class. It seems like most people are not interested in what is happening around the planet. I wonder how many other Masters are here who are getting ready to step back into leadership roles as we progress with our ascension.

I asked Gordon “How do we help others awaken?” I already knew the answer. “We don’t.” It will happen when they are ready like it did with a new student of mine who said “last December she felt dead inside.” She sought a spiritual counselor and then started meditating.

Little by little people are awakening at their own rate and ability. Perhaps they are starting to find gifts within and ask questions. Others might receive a kind word in the grocery store from one of the Lightworkers at large or a helping hand. Loving kindness is how we will help the most. First we need to treat ourselves this way.

A Channeling of Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner September 3, 2015

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council serving on the Earth Council.

          First I want you to know that you are loved and that you are surrounded by a vast quantity of beings that care about you and the earth. We are fully dedicated to your world. We want only the best for you. We love the earth.

The configuration of your planet is changing along with the rest of the solar system, galaxy and universe. All of creation is going through change and is having its own ascension process. The earth is pivotal in this process and that is why we are so closely focused. We each have different roles and work to do in this process. We know the upheaval on the earth is of concern to you. It takes strong personal resources of the ground crew to continue to anchor and transduce the occurrences. We could not do is without you.

There is an experimental process going on right now. We have to evaluate strategies and see which ones work the best. We use some of these with the Lightworkers as we test society in its preparedness. Each time we try a new tool we move forward with more creativity and action. The strategies are well discussed and thought out before they are put into play.

You are going to be expanding your roles as a part of the Light Alliance. This is who you are and what you will be doing will be compelling in your lives. It will be rewarding and the results will be well worth your energy. Your hearts will be filled with even more purpose. You will begin to feel the cooperation and unification process. This has to start with you since competition on the earth is not one of the new energies. You are testing the waters along with the rest of us.

While these efforts can sometimes seem monumental please understand that you are fully capable of performing what is necessary. Upheaval is a part of this but it won’t last for long. Each change will be built upon another. It is a part of creating a new foundation and structure for the new way you will be living on the earth.

I recommend that you fully become a part of your galactic self. Merge with it. Set this as an intention in your work and your meditations. This will activate your DNA more and will allow even more of the Light to penetrate your being. It will help us communicate with you telepathically so that we can effectively and efficiently work together.

Please be stalwart in your journey. We need you and rely upon your Light, love and service as we co-create the New Earth together.

We surround the earth with legions of ships. We learn from you and you are learning from us. This will continue until we can officially meet you in person. Then we will truly get to know each other. We are as excited about this as you.

Until we speak next time, I am Mira. 



Comprehension of Ascension

by Valerie Donner

How do we know?
What does it take to understand?
Who can we listen to,
Trust and recommend
When it comes to ascension?

There are so many different spins,
Experts to no end,
Egos with spiritual words
Sometimes are too often heard.

How to discern
The written and spoken word?
What is the truth?
Who is fake?
Who is pretend?
Who’s on the take?

The Light will show.
Your heart will know.
Ascension is simple
With over 100,000 steps
To reach the final goal.

We have done it before.
It’s registered inside.
The Light is your guide.

Let your heart come out.
Activate your DNA.
Ascension will happen
In its divine way.

© 2015 The Ground Crew