Be Calm


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Be Calm 

Plejaderne  gennem Valerie Donner  5. September  2015


Dear Ground Crew,

        How are you doing? Are you feeling peaceful and loving? Is your energy up and then down? Are you clearing out old closets and old issues? What kinds of ascension symptoms are you experiencing? Do any of you feel more tired than usual, are you dizzy, spacey, anxious, seeing patterns, colors, more sensitive, having challenges eating foods that you used to be able to eat, feeling more loving, having interesting dreams, sleep challenges, or feeling like you don’t belong on the planet anymore? Are you becoming the new you as you prepare for higher consciousness on our beloved mother earth?

Whatever we have been doing with spiritual growth and healing our entire lives is coming up for completion. Can you feel it? We are none of our past, our wounded inner child, our lumps, bumps, scrapes or scars. We are becoming the Light-filled beings that we are designed to become. It’s part of the divine plan that is awakening in the horizons of our hearts. We are preparing to become our real whole selves living in heaven on earth. Are you ready?

Working with my clients I see how many are putting the finishing touches on matters and issues that have run them ragged in this lifetime. How many hours have you spent in therapist’s chairs, reading self-help books, taking workshops, journaling, breathing, doing yoga, channeling or reading channeled messages? How much more work do you think we need to do to become worthy of living in Light and love instead of separation and third dimension? Don’t you think that perhaps you might have earned your stripes, blue ribbons and a congratulatory party for your efforts?

I believe that the Light Realms are proud of us and that they celebrate us. After all, we have been doing the exponential work for the entire planet. Can you believe it? Perhaps other people will wake up and take their turns at shifting and healing the people and planet. Maybe some of us will get to take on more galactic work and let others take responsibility for getting the job done.

Anyway, it’s going to get a lot more interesting and fun even though it will be a couple of more chaotic years. We have ambled along for eons waiting for and participating in the shift of the ages. It’s here.

Today Patricia Cota Robles sent out a “The Time is Now” message that there will be a great influx of Light from August 15 to 20th. “The Divine Plan will be fulfilled.” Here is a nine minute video from Patricia that helps to release the ego along with some invocations that will also be of assistance with the divine plan and these energies that are coming.

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A Message from Apollo

On July 31, I received the following message from Apollo:

Great are the ancestors who passed this way for this now moment on the earth. I am one of these ancestors whose guiding steps helped establish life on beautiful earth. We laid the foundation for every plant, tree, species, rock, river, lake, and ocean along with painstakingly creative guidance of the Elohim and other creative beings. Little did we know how our gorgeous creation of love and beauty would be tampered with and almost destroyed. To this matter we tell you that we are back in full force to regain the original blueprint—the Matrix of the earth. This means that the powerful forces of creation in all forms are coordinating this massive shift. Like a tidal wave we will not let anything or anyone get in our way. We want humanity to know how much we love them and life on the earth and that we do our jobs thoroughly. Please offer your assistance as beings of Light and join with us as we take the earth back in a storm of love. The amazing power is now and we are it!

This is It!

By Valerie Donner

This is it, ground crew.
It’s time to start our lives anew.

The earth is in motion
And so are we;
We are changing humanity.

Little by little
Through the sweat of the brow
Our prayers and meditations
Are paying off now.

The Light is the brightest
And will get even more
As we raise our vibrations
We will see colors galore.

Our space family is ready,
The masters, angels and clan,
Are getting ready
To activate the divine plan.

With everyone’s help
We can achieve our dreams.
The dark forces are unraveling
At the seams.

Let’s keep on working with the Light
Opening up our hearts
To make them bright.

We are building the gateways
Of the new and the old.
The golden new earth
Is something to behold.

© 2015 The Ground Crew

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A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner August 11, 2015

Greetings, I am Mira.

         Greetings, I am Mira. I speak with you today with loving service from the Earth Council.

We are on a special mission. The future of the earth is about to change. Preparations are underway. Big statements will be made through action and activity. Are you with us? Know that you are protected and the fortune of humanity is going to be improving. Any resistance is being dealt with in appropriate means.

There won’t be any dilly dallying as far as the galactic forces are concerned. We are ready, prepared and eager to follow through with what we need to accomplish. You might hear some disinformation, as usual, as to what particular events might be occurring. We ask you to look to love, light and into your own hearts for discernment. Some would like you to have doubts or mislead you into thinking that they know more than they do or that they are in charge.

Please stay on a steady course of knowledge and good will. Hold only the best for all beings on the planet and for the earth herself. The earth is loved profoundly and so are you. Many have pieces of the plan but no one has the entire picture of what will happen because circumstances are always changing.

The earth is the focal point of creation. Keep breathing and keep up with your meditations, prayers and circulation of love for life. You are making big steps forward in your journey home. It is a remarkable adventure with rewards that you will find amazing.

The best thing for you to do now is to stay grounded, centered, and open hearted. Being with other Lightworkers is excellent and especially doing meditations and prayers together. You are a formidable ground crew and when you are linked together you cannot be beat. That is why unity is so important. Let only unity be the key because that is how you will be living in the higher dimensions.

If you look around you will see how events are bringing humanity together for more cohesiveness. When this energy expands you will create miracle upon miracle. Your vision for the new earth is at the top of importance. Hold this vision in the heart and in focus throughout your day. Do not let the petty distractions of the third dimension prevent you from your work as ground crew.

Please know that we stand with you as you create with us for the most beautiful ascensions process as it unfolds. We love you and support you.

I am Mira


On September 2 the Planetary Christ, Maitreya, came to be with us in my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class. He is the Master that Jesus channeled when he was here 2,000 years ago.

Some of his words are as follows: “Be calm. Be brave. Be strong. You are well equipped for whatever is coming. The power of the Light is with you and around you. Stay present, calm and peaceful and free from fear or panic. Life on the earth is going to change quite radically. The power of love and Light is coming and will hit the dark forces dramatically. They are afraid of you knowing the truth and of losing control. You have my solemn pledge to help you turn the planet around. . .

“You are going to have a new voice. As Lightworkers you will be running the show. You are the leaders, the way showers and you will finally begin to be heard. Some of you may be uprooted and moved to places far beyond what you thought was your calling. You will be in higher accordance with the energies. It will be very clear what to do. Prepare for your new positions. You will be happy. . .

“This is the culmination of many years of work. We know you are exhausted but it’s all going to be worth it.”

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner September 3, 2015

Greetings, I am Mira.

         I speak to you from the Earth Council which is my primary focus. We work with the ascension energies and oversee the earth.

We know that you have many questions about what is going on right now. We want to assure you that it is not the plight of the earth to be destroyed. It is the earth’s desire to ascend and this loving planet is deserving of her wish. We are a part of a massive effort to ensure that the earth’s wishes are followed. We are at her command and we are dedicated to this cause.

We speak with the ground crew because you are as dedicated as we are to the focus at hand. We know your hearts like we know the earth’s heart. They are beautiful. Like you we want only the best in this most complex set of chaotic energies.

The earth has everything and every one of the powerful forces of Light to help. She is deeply loved and appreciated. In the days to come there will be uplifting energies everywhere. You will love the love and these energies will propel you on your pathways.

You will begin to realize that the demeanor of many humans has begun to change. Little by little you will recognize love and co-operation taking its place in the daily life on the planet. Before this shift some who are frustrated and weary will continue to act out and hopefully you will respond with compassion and understanding. These contrasts are still a part of your spiritual awakening.

We will be teaching you about some new technologies that we think you will love. We are working through and with gifted scientists and messengers to bring these forth. It’s time to get past some of the basics like the salt and pepper on your tables. We want to present you with the full gourmet feasts of all possibilities that will make your lives easier, healthier and more abundant.

The roll out of some of these technologies is being planned. They will be introduced when the time is right. They are most needed and will improve life on the earth in a myriad of ways. Some of them will be slipped into your lives cleverly. Your high tech companies won’t be able to take all of the credit. We are excited to help you in these ways.

Our journeys together are becoming more intertwined. We have an interdependent relationship. We need you and you need us and your galactic family. It is important you realize you are not alone. Your longstanding work and desires for the earth will be manifested in far greater ways than you can imagine.

I am Mira in loving service.