A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council


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A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council


Mira, Plejaderne  gennem Valerie Donner  7. maj  2015



Dear Ground Crew,

         Okay, dear Lightworkers, let’s get our heads on straight! We are in the Shift of all ages. We are going through intense changes. The world is a new world that we are creating. We are being forced to get unstuck. We are realigning our lives. We cannot hold onto the past for it no longer exists. We are living during a most exciting time. We are getting help from everywhere. We must be mindful of our thoughts. We are changing our ways. What we thought was truth is lies. We are creating new truth. We need to help each other. We need to let go of what is no longer serving us. We are stronger than we think. We are more powerful than we could have ever known. We are manifesting within the blink of an eye. This is a beautiful planet and you help make it that way. It’s time for unity. Fear is not real. We can’t pay attention to what the media is feeding us. There is a force of Light that is threading the way for positive change. The planet is getting more chaotic every day. There is nothing wimpy about the ground crew!

These are simply a few of my thoughts. In many ways I find myself happier than ever. Like many of you I have some challenges yet I am embracing them. In the San Francisco bay area we are in a housing crisis. The cost of property and rents are outrageous due to rich high tech people who can afford to pay high prices. (25% of people in this area make an average of $350,000 per year and middle class is considered $250,000 per year. 25% of people are at the poverty level.) Landlords are raising rents. I have been living in my place for almost 12 years and my landlord, who has been good about not raising my rent except once, is increasing it by $200 per month in July and another $150 in February 2016. This puts me in a financially challenging situation. What to do?

The part for which I am grateful is that I am purging books, clothes, shoes, files, and everything so that I can make room for the new. It feels good to get unstuck. Lightening up and letting go of old books that I love is acknowledging that I got the best from them. Clothes can be replaced. I heard recently that people wear an average of the same 11 outfits day in and day out. Why did I think I needed more?

In our third dimensional materialist world more used to be better. Now this thinking seems passé. I just read that governments internationally and locally used to believe in the concept of growth and now they are moving to taxes. They want to tax us for everything. Well, having too much clutter is old energy; it can drag us down and be taxing in its own way.

This is a time of transition. We are being forced to look at our lives, to clear out the old, to do this internally as well as externally. According to Jim Self in a 16 minute video, (youtube.comPlanetaryUpdateMay2015), due to magnetic changes the old vibrational frequencies have been removed from the earth bringing less stability both internally and externally as the world continues awakening. It brings different implications for our business, relationships and lives.

The imbalance of the world systems is being brought to the forefront. The magnetic fields are removing the old agreements with which we have been living. This is for our good. It includes our financial markets where big changes are expected so this all produces change that is coming to a breaking point. It stands to bring growth and prosperity to the masses. There is a transition of consciousness for each of us and how we choose to be in agreement. We can’t hold onto things like old baggage because our beliefs are no longer true. We need to lighten up and get rid of boxes.

The solar flares are affecting our electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields. The Master Hilarion told us in a channeling that I did earlier this year that the solar flares are affecting our consciousness. Now I understand what he means after hearing Jim Self explain the magnetics and how the old agreements no longer apply. It’s like we are clearing the slate.

     Everyone is making new choices whether we know it or not. A couple of my friends have the “C” word. One has colon “C” and the other breast “C”. Health challenges are helping some get unstuck and to realize the importance of taking care of the body. People are popping out of their bodies at young ages and across all age groups. Mother Earth is assisting some of her children to leave through natural disasters. All choices are honored. The earth needs to release negativity, toxicity, war energies, and old energies that are not in resonance with the higher frequencies.

Adapatability is the name of the game. The weather is forcing us to be adaptable. It’s intense and unpredictable on the entire planet. As part of the earth changes climate change can be chaotic and unnerving. We get to go with the flow. We are learning how powerful the earth can be when we witness and pray for the people of Nepal after the big earthquake a couple of weeks ago. There are other places on the planet where volcanos are becoming more active along with earthquakes. We have had a few swarms close to where I live in the last few days.

I feel that if we are connected to the earth and love the earth we will be protected. It’s important that we enjoy each day, stay positive and resourceful, that we live in love, watch our thoughts, connect with our favorite people, do what brings us joy, become part of the oneness, stay out of the chaos, reinvent our lives, laugh, heal, live in peace and harmony, get out in nature, take care of ourselves, eat well, and nurture and support ourselves and each other to the best of our abilities.



The Divine plan is in order 
A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner May 7, 2015

         Greetings, I am Mira. As you may know I work full time with the Earth Council assisting with the earth’s ascension.

From our station all looks well. Progress is being made on the earth. We see the big picture and you only get to see a small portion. The divine plan is in order. Chaos is a part of the change. We understand that this can be uncomfortable for you but it is necessary. Why not accept it and move forward? If you had any idea of actually how much your planet is changing you would be in awe. We can tell you this because we are in awe. We see the openings and the points of correction. We are a part of helping the earth remain in balance so this involves correction.

The earth is a most loving and beautiful being. She has her destiny to which she is moving and so do each of you. We as space family love and support the earth and you on your next steps in your process of ascension. How can you go into higher consciousness if you keep hanging onto the past? You must decide what it is that you want and then make the steps in that direction.

We can tell you that the controllers of your planet have been learning some hard lessons. The more they try to control you and your future they find themselves becoming less effective. They are being focused upon because they cannot be allowed to maintain their stronghold no matter how much they try. They are being discovered for their wrong deeds. This is being brought out into the forefront and many changes have already occurred. Little by little humanity will become free again. We assure you of this truth.

There are many brave Lightworkers in all areas of service like yourselves who are dedicated to the successful ascension of the earth. We are aligned with you for that. We monitor what is occurring and make adjustments as necessary. We cannot do it for you but we can protect and assist. We are constantly holding this energy for you and the earth.

We can also see the beautiful higher thought forms and consciousness that are rising. Many humans are opening their hearts. They realize something is happening. They feel more love and are beginning to act lovingly. Our Creator holds only this highest good for his/her creations. Those who need to be elsewhere will also be lovingly ending up there so they can learn their lessons accordingly.

Many of your Pleiadian family are in galactic fleets surrounding the earth. They applaud you every time your thoughts become higher and your increasingly beautiful earth is uplifted from darkness. The colors, sounds, thoughts and energies penetrate the ethers around the earth so we know the improvements that are made. We are pleased that so many of you are holding the Light.

Please understand that you are being assisted by legions of us from space, the Light Realms, and all of creation as you move into higher consciousness. You will find that your focus on creating a new reality is what is necessary. Your thoughts are exponentially powerful. The uplifting thoughts help uplift life on the planet.

We love you and are with you every step of the way.

I am Mira.