A Message from Mira


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A Message from Mira 

Mira, Plejadernes  gennem Valerie Donner  6. februar 2014



Dear Ground Crew,

        How are you doing during these hyped up out of sync times? The energies are strange. We had the end of the Chinese Year of the Snake on Friday, January 31. That was a negative kind of day for some of us. Yesterday I noticed that some people weren’t paying attention when driving. One has to be very attentive to what one is doing.

         We are in a major drought on the west coast of the U.S. It is the worst drought in about 500 years. Some are saying this is a geo engineered draught but I pray this is not so. I like to love and allow Mother Earth to do what she needs to do for her cleansing and healing. Right now we are having some much needed rain but it will take a lot more to sustain us.

          Speaking of Chinese New Year, I attended a three hour talk on February 1, (2014/4712) in the beginning of the Chinese year of the Wood Horse. The speaker’s name is Liu Ming (http://www.dayuancircle.com/). The Chinese Zodiac Animal Astrology is over 8,000 years old and is based on a “history that is incalculable. Many methods of divination/calculation exist in that tradition; some are planetary and others simply mathematical . . . it’s the cycle of Celestial Stems based on yin/yang and the 5 elements, and the earthly branches (12 animals). . .This system is used to count/designate a 60 and 120 cycles of hours, days, months and years for the traditional Chinese almanac/calendar.”

          The system with the animals relate to the year animal so if you are a dog you get along well with horses, for example. Basically what Liu Ming said about this year is: This is a year for friendship, especially old friends helping each other; not too much is going to happen this year; we are still integrating last year’s snake energy that was weird; it’s a time to get new training and education; good time for starting new businesses especially with young people; this is a year about youth because the horse is wild and needs taming so parents might have some challenges with wild children this year; it’s not necessarily a year for romance because in the Chinese zodiac Horse is not romantic and often feels completely happy on its own; “old fashioned banks will be dead in the water.”; injuries will be more common than illness although the first three months of this year there could be a lot of misdiagnoses; people could be going to quacks or looking for alternative healing; if you are a practitioner “Follow your practice guidelines impeccably.”; yoga and qigong will be very popular; spirituality will be found more in nature not in theology or church or temple; “small things will be accomplished but big projects will stagnate; new projects can flourish; continuity will be lax”; travel is good for insight; reinvent yourself; “the qi of the wood horse when shaped by wisdom and discipline matures into a profoundly capable and willing force for good.”

          We all know that the secrets are coming out, right? I was astounded to see what was called a “911 conspiracy theorist” take the microphone away from the Seattle Sea Hawks player Sherman when he was being interviewed after the Super Bowl. In front of millions of people the person said in 14 seconds something to the effect that “911 was an inside job from our government. Check it out.”

          I wonder if people in all walks of life are beginning to stop holding onto secrets after people like Snowden have inspired them to open up. Transparency is the name of the game. Some are even saying that sports events like the Super bowl are rigged. It’s all about money, isn’t it?

          I finished the book I recommended “The People’s Advocate” by attorney Daniel Sheehan. It’s 600 pages and I could not put it down. It spells out so much about what happened here in the U.S. with history making situations like Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, Karen Silkwood, The American Sanctuary Movement, the Iran Contra situation, and many more. It makes one more aware of what is going on now and how we have been told many lies for a long time. The truth is really coming out and I admire brilliant Daniel Sheehan for his Light and the powerful caring he has for justice for the people.

          On February 5, in my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class, I received the following message from Paul the Venetian (He is the Maha Cohan, of the Third Ray; the Flame of Cosmic Love. He also represents the office of the Holy Spirit for the Earth.):

      “Life is a paradox. It’s about seeing what’s real in the new world and what’s unreal in the old reality. . . It’s best not to label anyone for all are learning in their own way. It’s like planting seeds, watering them and letting them come up at different times in their own way. Each is connected with life and is growing. Some seeds that don’t sprout are eaten by the birds or other animals for each play a part. Sometimes the most obvious things you will find your had overlooked because you weren’t ready to know. It depends upon you. Everyone has to find their place where they fit and there can be a lot of moving around. Pay close attention to the Earth and what she’s doing. She’s moving around. Use your eyes and your heart to see and hear. Use your intuition and what is at the forefront of your mind for this merits your attention. Every move you make and thought you think are significant. Behold! A new day is born!

      “. . . Look in front of you. There is a beautiful matrix. Each color and shape fit together as an art form. The heart is the core energy that feeds the rest of the design, colors, and energy. Frequency and design work together in the presentation. Behind it is divine intention for this is how the Creator works. It is purposeful and in its proper place. Enjoy the majesty of life. It is intended to be in balance and harmony. It will hold fast. You are completing an old cycle. New beauty awaits you. Your eyes have to be ready to see and your hearts ready to feel it.”

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner
February 6, 2014

Greetings I am Mira:

         I greet you from the Earth Council, my continual focus.

         We view you today with lots of thoughts, fears, uncertainties and judgments about your lives on the Earth. The destruction is vast as it makes way for the new. Hanging onto these fears to which I am referring, does you no good. It is best for you to surrender and let go. This is the essential ingredient necessary for you to move forward with ease and grace.

         These thought forms and emotions are being fed by an onslaught of devices that are divisive and as well as constructive. Little do you know the effect on your energy fields and your lives by being plugged into technology that is moving at faster breakneck speed. Think for a movement about what this might be doing to you, your lives and your brains. Your wellbeing is being invaded by something that you feel you cannot live without. You are becoming increasingly addicted to games and information. How are these situations contributing to your life?

         It is of the utmost importance that you dislodge yourselves from these devices for at least two hours a day to give yourselves a rest. The overstimulation from these devices plays havoc with your nervous systems. It is impacting your brains. What about the rest of your body and our electromagnetic fields? Overall, we know that you love this technology yet we implore you to become more aware about how you are being impacted by such addictions. The desire for more and more information feeds a certain part of the brain but overwhelms other parts. The pace is speeding up.

         When combined with all of the energy that is coming to the Earth right now from the Higher Realms it is too much to integrate. We are speaking to the ground crew who has to be ready and capable of receiving information from us, the Light Realms, and from within. How are you going to do this if you are constantly distracted?

         The huge influx of Light that is being gifted to the Earth and to you needs to be worked with so please think about this as you more consciously can use your time. It is necessary to achieve greater balance with all that would draw your energy.

         We are intending to make you more aware of your focus. We are not judging you. We want to help you learn the appropriate use of technology and how it can best serve you. This is part of how we can help you.

         Our technology is far more advanced than what you can imagine. It is important in our lives yet is contains a different vibration that is in harmony with our energy fields. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration for your lives to be healthy. It will be a part of your continual advancement into a more conscious higher dimensional civilization.

         Many of your scientists and technologists have already invented devices that will be more aligned with the new vibrations of your changing bodies and lives. The gateway for this truth is opening. It is part of higher consciousness that makes the appropriate energies available and will not be able to be kept from the populace much longer. We align with you for this to happen. We will be there to assist you as you adapt to changing needs and conditions.
I am Mira with great love for all of you.