Mother Mary reminds us our mission is to bring love and light to the entire world…


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael
Mother Mary reminds us our mission is to bring love and light to the entire world…

Channel for The Council of Love Linda Dillon, oktober 2017

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael

Release and transmute all the low density energies as they are an integral part of your mission of love. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings my sweet angels, children of my heart! I am Mare’, Universal Mother Mary, Mother of love, Mother of hope, Mother of transformation and change, Mother of all. I come to thee this day to take you into my heart, to hold you and praise you for your wonderful recent achievements, to wrap you into my nourishing blue cloak and comfort you. I want to wipe your tears away, for what you see as a failure is indeed a great victory.

Can you see the courage and determination you have shown by going down into the darkest corners of your being and looking for that aspect of yourselves that is calling on you and tugging at you for some time? You have given Me the fears, you have given Me everything that you have found down there that is not of the love. And you are eagerly waiting for the time when you can bring home, into your heart, all of those bits and parts that have been waiting for this final trip for so long.

Dear children of My heart, be gentle and patient with your sweet selves! Understand that this is not a one step process, and may take a number of trips and adjustments on every side of yourselves so that you can release and transmute all the upset and low density energies that are locked into that low corner of yourselves. You have been avoiding, pushing away, and refusing to look at and to work with these parts that are an integral part of your mission of love.

I am suggesting to thee to go and sit with them in the deepest darkness and stillness of your heart. Hear them out dearest hearts, and remember that you have sent them out into the world to be and do exactly what they have done; and then you wanted to forget about them.

They are not misguided or mistaken parts of you, they have gone to embody and experience precisely what you have designed them to do, because you needed that exposure and awareness so that you can use it now for the benefit of all humanity.

You see, My sweet Annas, your mission is to bring love and light to the entire world, you are to be My love, nurturing and healing in form for everyone without discrimination. But until you love unconditionally and integrate every bit of yourself that you have rejected as not good and holy, you will not be able to do so for the rest of the human collective. It will be your own negative self-judgment and self-dismissal that will prevent you from completely and unconditionally loving anyone else.

Open your heart to your beautiful, brave and strong selves. Hold them in your arms, cherish and love them the same way I love and adore each and every one of you!

I will leave you now, though I am never too far from you! Farewell.

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