The Open House sign is out…


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael
Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael

The Open House sign is out…

Channel for The Council of Love Linda Dillon, september 2017

Commander Ashira invites us to visit the Neptune and join in the Victory Celebration. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings dearest ones! I am Commander Ashira from Neptune and I come in love and joy to bring you the wonderful news of our victory and the successful completion of our mission that is being refined with all the details worked out in this moment of now.

Congratulations my brave brothers and sisters! We are elated, we are celebrating your victory, well, actually the achievements of all us!

The universes and multi-verses reverberate, transmitting the songs of triumph, of light, and of love on Planet Earth. It is an amazing and beautiful performance to watch unfolding, and everyone marvels at this wonderful accomplishment.

Yes, you have had a lot of support. Yes, we are with you and we have offered our help and assistance in many, many ways. We are readily available to continue this support behind the scenes, until everybody is ready to perceive and receive our brotherly offerings of love in a more open and visible manner. But you were the ones immersed in the density of the third dimension with all the distractions and illusions, with all the false constructs and lies that had to be dismissed as invalid and dissolved into nothingness on a continuous base.

Dear hearts, the gates are open wide and you are invited to come home. Yes, you can bring your family and friends or your beloved guardians and pets, for we are holding open a warm welcome for you to visit, to rest, to rejuvenate and replenish your energies, to patch your wounds if any, and to get ready for the next important phase of your journey-mission on this magnificent blue planet.

You are forging a new path of light. You have proven yourselves to be consistent, diligent channels and pillars of love. You have worked on your baggage and cleared the space and the way for yourselves and for many others, including us.

This is why we are paying special attention to you, the way-showers and the brave trailblazers that you are. This is why we are upgrading your physical vessels so that they can integrate and hold more loving energies and light and so that you can travel safely and meet with us while in embodiment. We do this also to enable you to understand and decipher the coded data that we are bringing to you.

We are entrusted to be the gatekeepers of the new portals of light that have been recently opened. Yes, you have been thoroughly trained to discern with your hearts and knowing who and what will be allowed to come in and to stay in your sacred space, because your home is a portal, your home is an important establishment in the unseen Cities of Light, that you are continuing to work on.

This is why it is imperative that you hold onto the joy and to your upbeat attitude on a continuing basis. Then you will prevent the outgoing flow of negative energies from knocking you off balance and from dragging you under. You are always safe and protected, because we speak to you in your dreams, and through messages given just before your awakening from sleep. We are sending our emissaries in physical form to communicate with you directly and to assist you with your next steps. You can recognize them easily by the sparkles in their eyes, and your knowing is confirmation of the truth of these messages given to you in love.

Do not pay attention to the media and to the half-truths predicted by the ones who have a limited understanding of what the future brings, for this is a last weak attempt of the opposite team to prolong the chaos and to stall the visible manifestations of the Nova Earth. There is much that will be taking place, and at a very fast pace, affecting all the current institutions, practically eliminating the need for income and earning money for bills, and invoices will be nonexistent. The human collective will be able to leave the rat race of the survival paradigm and will have time to focus on self and reflect on that which needs to be changed, let go of and healed. Work and cooperation will be based on passion and a soul’s purpose. Relationships and interactions will be forever transformed, for no one will choose to remain in a situation that is of less than the purest love.

It is happening, dearest ones, and it is unfolding brightly and divinely in this moment of now!

I will leave you with abundant love and heartfelt congratulations! Farewell.

By permission.

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