The Wesak Full Moon


Kanalisering af Goddess of Creation

The Wesak Full Moon

Goddess of  Creation gennem Shelly Dressel 7. maj 2017

Kanalisering af Goddess of Creation

Nama sika, Venia benya     I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to all who come together and share this time with me.

I always make myself available as you begin these channels or as you begin these teleconferences as a part of the group and the energies.  I do this for a couple of different reasons.   First of all I gather the energies of all those who are participating not only in this now moment, but that are participating at any time space reality.  My intention is to create a platform, or an energy, that allows for all to feel that alignment that is in the highest and best interests so as to experience this, this journey, this meditation, this transformation in the way that will most benefit you.

There is immense transformation taking place upon the Earth, and just as Shelly spoke of all the emotional energies or all of the emotional transformation that is taking place within her, so too many of the other people all around the world are feeling this, be it in a conscious or an unconscious manner.  Therefore this is your opportunity to make a choice.  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do in your life?  How do you see your life evolving?

I invite you to take these questions with you as you breathe deeply once more; this time breathing all the way down in through you sending your energies into the Earth.  As you connect to the Earth feel as if it spreads out in every direction allowing you to feel, not only Gaia, but to feel the Elves the Devas, the Gnomes, all of those who are a part of the Earth.

As you allow for all that energy to come back up within you to where you are and then send even more of your consciousness straight up from you.  It goes up through all your energy bodies; it reaches out until you align with your higher self.  For some it may just feel like a normal part of who you are.  For others you may not really have a perception of what it is.  By having the intention that your consciousness will link with your higher self you are creating a space for that to happen.  Therefore if you are wondering where is it, what is it, what does it all mean; then open up and simply feel, or sense, or see, what is around you within the space.

This is the blend of your divinity and your human self.  I therefore invite you to allow your consciousness to stream even further.  There is a column of light, or a connection from within you, that go straight into your divinity.

As you allow for this energy to expand into the space it is as if you are coming home.  As if that flow of energy that is you as your divinity, as your consciousness, as that moves into the place of your divinity you expand even further than your higher self.  This is truly where you are when you are home.  This is you as your God source energy; because it is through this vibration you have unconditional love and acceptance for all of who you are.  This is that part of you that lives on and on and on.  Let yourself feel what that means.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all who are here.  I reach out to embrace each one of you.  As I do so it allows you to shift and expanding even further into the All That Is.

The All That Is is a high, light vibration within the universal light.  From within the All That Is you have access to your Milky Way Galaxy.  You have access to the planets and stars.  You have access to the Omniverse those other universes separate from your own.  Feel all of what this is.  Feel the vast energies, dimensions, and the vibration that is reflected here within the space.

There is somewhat of a limitation in your perspective, because it is with your human consciousness that you try to define what is here.  So if you could for just a moment, let it go.  Ask to just let it go whatever your perception may be so that you may open even further and see what else is here.

So many of you have been upon these Journeys with Shelly and I for many, many years.  You have run the gamut of experiences.  There are things that have expanded tremendously.  There are things that never manifested.  There are things that brought up emotions within you that at times may have been very, very challenging.  This is life.  This is a reality.  There are multiple realities for you in the in your existence and that reality in which you’ve place your focus is that which is most prevalent for you.

I invite you during this journey tonight to open up perhaps to a different reality that is manifesting upon the earth at this time.  Indeed we are coming upon what is known as the Wesak full moon or the Vesak. This is the full moon in May and Vesak or Wesak is the term that is used when Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ return to the Earth.  It is also the anniversary of the Buddha, of his birth.  Each year that we have come into this experience has been very unique and different.  It takes place in the mountains of Tibet and that place is known as Shambrahla or Shambhala.

If you will recall one of the first times we did this perhaps 8 or 10 years ago it was as if we were watching from afar; watching from here in the All That Is as they returned to Earth.  Throughout the years it is as if each one of you came in closer and closer and closer until last year many of you were upon the ground right where they both manifested.

There were still others that chose to remain in places around the valley.  This is a high valley in the Himalayan Mountains.  So there are still the tall peaks.  But this is an important time of transformation and new alignment that may be connected or created with these two essences of God.

That being said I invite everyone to gather as if in an Amphitheatre.  The first thing that we will do is create a circle of light that moves from person to person to person.  As this light is created there is a column of light that starts within the group and then it moves up and down through the various dimensions.  We are shifting time so that we are here during the full moon with all of the vibrations and all of the energies of the full moon.  As this column is created it becomes energized.

I invite each one of you to pause for a moment and listen to the vibration.  You may hear singing.  You may hear chanting.  You may hear tones.  Allow your own energies to merge with this column and add your voice to all that is taking place.  You may have a sense of the energy opening up below you and all are transported to that high Meadow in the Himalayan Mountains.

I invite you to just take a moment and look around.  Where are you?  Are you in a tree?  Are you sitting on a rock?  Are you on the ground? Perhaps something different.  How real are you?  Can you feel your physical body, because I invite you to bring as much of your physical reality into the space at this now moment?  It is my sense that some do materialize into that physical reality.

You see coming into the center of this meadow the Dalai Lama.  You see flanking him Melchizedek, Metatron and the Ancient Ones, and you see a group of monks that begin by playing the drums.  They sound the heartbeat of the Earth until it grows and grows.  They chant the Om and as you allow yourself to experience their chanting and the drums, and the vibration of this space, let it be real for you.  There is a sense of celebration and yet there is a sense of the Sacred; so too there is a sense of intention.

As these energies transition they come to a stop and you look up towards the sky.  As you do so you see the vibration of the full moon as it encompasses the night sky.  You have that sense of Gautama Buddha descending into this space and as he arrives he holds out his hands.  There is so much love.  There is so much emotion that just pours from him into all who are present.

The Dalai Lama reaches out to touch him and they connect forehead to forehead.  There is that sense as Buddha slowly makes his way through the people that are closest to him he reaches out to touch everybody and then he turns around and opens up his eyes to embrace the alignment as Yeshua himself descends to Earth.  As Jesus aligns his body to manifest into his this physical reality he too arrives within the space.  Again the Dalai Lama welcomes him and the others who are here and present.  Reach out creating this space of alignment and vibration.

The Buddha and the Christ stand side by side and all others step back from where they are.  It is it is as if they’re blending their voices to become one voice.  They are blending the consciousness to become one consciousness and they wish to speak to you as this blended energy.

Buddha & Christ Speak as One:

Greetings my beloved family and friends!  We come to be with you at this time of the anniversary of my birth and we know that this is always a celebration attended by many.  This year marks the beginning of a new reality.  It is quite interesting how the years have transitioned. 

Both I and my brother come into the Earth at various times during the year; so too Abraham, so too Krishna and Mohammed.  We all take opportunities to come into the Earth and share time with you. 

This time in which we come together creating this blended energy or this platform of alignment becomes very, very powerful, because it is not just reaching towards one section of people we reach towards all people, of all religions, of all belief systems throughout the world.  This is not about religion, this is about life, this is about choice.  This is about recognizing how each person from the smallest to the greatest are equal. 

The Third Dimensional energies of duality a shifting upon the Earth.  It will never completely leave the Earth, because just as you have the higher vibrations that you’re opening up to, the lower vibrations are still going to be there.  There will still be those people caught up in duality, and caught up in the victim, the rage, the fear, the pain, making that the focus of their life and therefore keeping them from ascending. 

Here is what is different moving forward.  Throughout the past year that we were here immense transformations have taken place upon the earth in the clearing out of the third dimensional reality.  This in turn has allowed for many more people to shift into the 4th and 5th Dimension.  Not everyone is conscious of this taking place and that is okay. 

What is going to become more and more apparent to people is that diversity from the 3rd dimensional reality to the flow of the 5th dimensional reality.  As more of this 5th dimensional vibration becomes integrated into each person there will be less of the disconnect between people.  More and more people will feel the compassion for those that are hungry.  Will feel compassion for those who are in a place of pain or disconnection and they will no longer simply walk by and ignore it. 

What has happened in the past when a time space reality of these transitions that are taking place has occurred there have been dramatic shifts and disconnects that took place.  By this I mean there were actually huge groups of people that transitioned off the Earth and into a higher vibrational or a higher dimensional aspect of the Earth, leaving behind that third dimensional reality to once again go through the process of living and experiencing life upon the Earth. 

It has been our intention meaning all of the Angels, all of the Light Beings, all of the Ascended Masters, all of your Stars Beings, and all of you from the space of your higher self that we will not leave behind those who are ascending at a different pace.  We will not separate from this earth as we have so many times in the past.  Indeed there will be some of you who will choose to transition and choose to return to those Vibrations, but it is this now moment and moving forward that I implore each one of you to start by loving yourself. 

You cannot love another until you love yourself.  You cannot feel compassion for another until you feel compassion for yourself.  Now I understand that there are various degrees of this and there are many, many, many people in relationships that are very good relationships, and yet those two people in that relationship have a disconnect within themselves and they look to the other to fix that. 

These perceptions and realities are changing as we speak.  Sometimes people will feel compassion for another finding it challenging to feel compassion for themselves, but as more of this vibration integrates into all of humanity what may trigger as compassion for another will trigger that spark of compassion within their own heart. 

This has been going on for thousands of years with a portion of society.  We are now over that tipping point so this is now expanding, through not just the millions of people but the billions of people upon the Earth.  You may therefore find yourself in what you perceive as a crisis.  You may find friends and family and what they perceive to be a crisis.  May we remind you the crisis can be minute and transferred instantly? 

Open up to love.  Open up to feel love and all else will follow. 

For some of you, even though you’ve done this fabulous work and you are so far down that pathway, when I say to you open up to love everything about yourself and your experience.  How do you feel?   Are you still in a place of judgement of yourself?  ~whew~.  Let that go. 

My brother as I stand here in front of you speaking to you about love.  Our whole lives were lived for the expression of love.  When there is that complete and unconditional love flowing within you, your perception of the world will change.  Your physical body will respond.  Your emotions and beliefs will transition.  We understand you are human living this human experience and there will be times you will be knocked out of balance. But where will you spend the majority of your time; in the flow of love of the flow of resistance to love. 

We create from within our hearts.  We each have a ball of energy that we are bringing out and that we are creating at this time.  This is a ball that is filled with white light of love that is filled with the energy that we represent and we send it to you.  May you allow our love to come within you.  Feel it within your heart.  Let it flow throughout your body clearing out thoughts, emotions; anything at all that may keep you from that unconditional love. 

Breathe deeply.  Feel the love generated by you as your soul essence.  Feel the love amplified by us as we spend this time talking to each one of you.  We don’t remain only in this mountain plateau.  We walk amongst all of you wherever you live in the world.  Most often in a non-physical format, but as this vibration continues to rise we will manifest in a physical format.  No we will not necessarily look like we portrayed in the Bible or as the Dalai Lama. 

The Buddha and the Christ are already within you.  Allow it to emerge filling you up and expressing outwards to others. 

Nobody is too small.  Nobody is unworthy.  Nobody is too big for us.  We are not here to control, manipulate or tell anybody what to think or to do.  We are here simply to remind you that you are love.  That you are as your divinity are God also, and that we can amplify that reminder within you so that you know in your heart who you are.  That is that and conditional love and compassion beginning within you and for you and then flowing out to everybody else. 

Bask in the glory and beauty of this full moon.  Bask in the vibration and the energy of this beautiful location.  You are welcome here any time that you so desire and we thank you for this opportunity to share this time with you.  We are never far away and we are always with you.  We send our light and our love to all. 


The Goddess Speaks:

I the Goddess return.  There is that sense that during the time they were speaking as one both the Buddha and the Christ actually moved throughout this entire Valley.  Their energy sat with some with a hand upon a knee, or a shoulder, or a head.  They speak of that which is within you and simply awaiting the opportunity to be expressed.  It is about surrender to who you are.  It’s about accepting that you are divine light and love.  Simply allowed for these energies to come into you and then be expressed outward from you.

We see they are gathering along with Buddha and Christ.  There is a gathering of people.  These are the individuals that are ready to ascend with them; some perhaps for the first time ever.  There is this crowd that is gathering in the center.  It is almost like there is sparkles already floating up into the sky.  So as all is here.  As all are ready to do so they all begin to rise.  There is chanting.  There is drumming.  There is Beauty and there is light.

As each one of you observe this ascension taking place it represents the ascension of the Earth, it represents the ascension of your universe.  You are participating in this.  Perhaps there was an aspect of you that was part of that group. They get to the place where they are a speck in the distance and there’s this big bright light that just expands everywhere and then they recede.  It is as if there is silence within the meadow.  A silence as everyone integrates all that is there for them to receive.  Within this silence feel the love.  Feel everything that is here for you.

There are some of you that choose to remain within the space and you may do so for as long as you desire.  For the rest I asked that you come back into that amphitheater located within the All That Is in which we first began our experience of the evening.

Everyone here has been touched.  Everyone here – there is so much emotion being expressed.  This is not going to be an experience only within the All That Is or only within Shamballa.  It is an experience that will integrate within every person in every part of your waking day.  Be open and receive.  Allow yourself to be your true authentic self.

Coming up with in this center of all who are here you see that Matrix of the Earth.  Look at what it looks like.  It is already infused with that light and energy.  So too go ahead and send that unconditional love into the Matrix.  It is being infused by the Christ and Buddha.  It is being infused by all who have participated in this evening and you have a sense of letting it go.

As that Hologram descends from the All That Is have a sense of that aspect going out into the Universe creating a bond or creating the alignment.  So too the energy, this ball of light goes through into the Earth, it goes down anchoring within the core of Gaia.  As this vibration aligns with all of those crystalline energies, all of the Magna, all of the gases that make up the center of Gaia; there is a shifting and a rebalancing that is taking place and begins to expand.  It moves out through all the levels of the Earth.  It comes up through the grass, the trees, the rocks and it comes up within you.

Your own vibration of this evening is coming up through that core thing that you anchored into Gaia.  Let it anchor you once more filling you up, shifting your emotions, shifting your thoughts and beliefs.  As you do so once more open up that column of light that linked with your divinity and all the rest of your consciousness flow back down through that column.

As you do so you just quietly allow yourself to receive.  Receive the love.  Receive the alignment.  Receive that activation within you, within your heart center for that unconditional love and acceptance that will permeate throughout all of who you are.  Feel as wave upon wave of that love moves through you.  Indeed you may feel the energies of Buddha and Christ within it, but the core essence is you.  It is you coming from within your divinity and manifested into the person that you are in this life.  So breathe deeply; accept, honor, love, respect who you are in this life.  Allow that to transition whatever that may be in your past so as you move forward you do so with love and with balance.

Alright, so beloved family as you enjoy these energies of the Wesak festival may you do so with the knowledge that you are more deeply aligned than ever before with your soul essence.  You are in the flow.  You are in the potential and there is nothing but love at the foundation of it all.

You are love.  Allow that to become your reality and know that I am always with you and within you.