EA — A Messenger from the Future


Kanalisering af Ea

EA — A Messenger from the Future

Kanaliseret gennem Paula Peterson maj  2015


Kanalisering af Ea

They join their minds in a singular projection of consciousness and have given themselves the name of EA (ee-yah). Tel-empathically, they unite with my mind and body. As soon as I enter into a deep trance state and my persona becomes quietly suspended, EA comes through in written or spoken words.

In 1987, they arrived and changed my life forever. They say they are from the future. Their presence forced me to abandon my beliefs and opinions about the nature of Reality — otherwise, being a conduit for their energy and translator of their messages would not have been possible.

As a result of this channeling, I was thrust into a busy public life, with extensive travel, for several years. Why they chose me — a shy, quiet person — as their spokesperson is still a mystery.

The visitors used my body and voice in a way that has proved convincing even to the most skeptical observers.

EA has much to say about our future.

Message from EA to Spirit of Ma’at readers:

We understand that you are curious about the future, and we are more than grateful for the opportunity to share these insights with you. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to show off a bit and to entice your curiosity with a glimpse of our Reality — which is the future of humanity and the future of Earth.

In the telling about ourselves and revealing Future Earth, we believe that it will influence — in a positive way — the choices that you will make. We wish for you to know that even though your world seems to be on the brink of disaster, there is hope and there is a bright future that awaits you.

But first, let us give you a little background on ourselves.

We have often been called angels, for that is what we seemed to be to those who have seen us but could not believe that we were “time travelers” and evolved humans from a Future Earth. But to call us only human would give a false impression of our true nature. And yet, to call us “extraterrestrial” is only a partial truth at best. Even though many of us were born of celestial citizenry, many more of us are indigenous to Earth — Future Earth.

If you were to observe our society, you would be in wonderment of many differences. However, the biggest difference you might notice in the human is a noticeable reduction of speaking. Why? Contrary to what many of your scholars believe, the use of a spoken language and the written word is not an indication of an advanced civilization. Rather, it is an indication of a civilization that has abandoned or forgotten its lineage of more advanced ancestors from the stars.

Speaking and writing of words is a slow process. Thousands of years ago, when humans adapted to this practice as a means of communicating with one another, it drastically slowed the evolutionary progress of your races. Telepathy, and more importantly, tel-empathy, is the pathway of communication of more evolved societies.

So you must surmise by now that in the future we are nearly a speechless society.

We may speak less, but we play more. The energy required to generate spoken words as well as to write them is immense. It is quite effortless to commune with another through tel-empathy — a feeling- and imagery-oriented form of communication.

Imagery, feeling, sensation — that is our primary means of communication. In your world, infants, small children, and animals — in particular, dolphins — are quite adept at tel-empathy for the most part. Unfortunately, it is not often recognized as a form of communication, and in small children it is not encouraged. And so this precious ability is greatly suppressed in human nature.

In our Reality, time is insignificant. We do not measure the passing of instances and funnel them into digital expressions. And yet, there are no words in your vocabulary that we can use to adequately describe what our experience is of this.

In fact, often the greatest difficulty we have in communicating with you is the use of your languages. Much of your language does not even begin to convey the meaning we wish to give to you. This can make it most tricky when we discuss concepts that are far reaching. And in this respect, our communications can often lead to misconceptions and misinterpretations. Nevertheless, we can still impart important ideas, especially to those who are more inclined to be open minded and are of a more sensitive nature.

It can be far easier to communicate our visionary ideas through innovations in the “creative arts” since this is closer to the manner in which we express ourselves: music, sounds, song, art, imagery, dance, sky-painting, water-markings, motions, visions, inspirations, and so forth. As a result of our influences, you will learn to use your minds in more productive and creative fashions.

In comprehending our Reality — which will help you understand the direction humanity is heading — you must give up your attachment to karma and past lives. This exists only in realities like yours, where the inhabitants achieve gradual spiritual and evolutionary progress after repeated “mistakes,” lifetime after lifetime — a very slow process and not at all a common condition among other forms of intelligent life in the cosmos.

But this is changing at a more accelerated rate now, for there are increasing numbers of you who are finally grasping that you attract your Reality according to your level of consciousness, and to where, what, and how you place the focus of your attention. So why only gradually evolve through sleepy lifetimes, when you can leap and bound ahead with the exuberance of a fully awakened state? This will give a clue to the future that awaits you: a fully conscious and awakened state.

We are highly creative and do not sleep and do not dream — for dreaming and wakefulness are the same. Ever had an extraordinarily vivid lucid dream where you directed the outcome of events? Did you feel the exhilarating energy of it? And did you notice that it seemed far more real and alive than your normal waking state? Well, then, that is the state of existence in which we live — and perhaps you were visiting us during those lucid dreamtime moments!

Now if you were a dolphin, all that we have said thus far would make complete sense, because this is exactly how a dolphin navigates through life. Dolphins do not sleep, neither do they dream. It is not necessary, for they are fully conscious. Of them we will say much more, because they play a crucial role in your future. However, for now, if none of what we say to you makes sense, do not become distraught. Just play with the idea for a while. Understanding will come to you “in time.”

Now, let us look at some highlights of the future.

In looking at the series of events that lead you from Earth Present to Earth Future, we can tell you that when you eventually abandoned your fear of alien races, you also constructed a form of global leadership that was all-inclusive of this new cultural design. Many of the fearful ones who resisted the arrival of extraterrestrial visitors simply had to pass away and, in so doing, allow those to rise into positions of power who intuitively knew that the future holds a peaceful conglomeration of nations — not just of nation states, but of star nations as well.

You lost your fear and you built a new world. But that was after you pulled yourselves through war and subsequent strife. You emerged reborn from the ashes, so to speak. Crisis forced you to see how important it was to band together, to form one global family instead of promoting and sustaining segregation.

Some of the very basics and beginnings of a unified global consciousness are already being demonstrated in your collective endeavors to meditate at specific times in order to shift the course of events so that you may create world peace. Imagine, if you will, that when enough of you have mastered the power of the collective mind, you will come to know our world more intimately.

The next stage and path of evolution that beckons you is meant to be trod by liberty seekers — not just liberty of the physical body and social justice, but in seeking the liberty of the mind. In taking this path, humankind will make extraordinary leaps, and a burst of new enlightenment will dawn upon your world. This will greatly accelerate the evolution of your kind in ways that are largely unfathomable to many. And yet, you will reach frontiers of consciousness that are merely glimpsed now by the more lofty and visionary souls of your era.

Your present state of existence is similar to primitive in many respects — and that is not meant to imply that you are of lesser importance than we are. Quite the contrary, we marvel at your struggles and we rejoice at your breakthroughs. And it is precisely because of your victories and progressive achievements that you set the foundation for our world — your future. However, the power of your consciousness stills eludes you for the most part simply because you hold yourselves at bay and rarely step into that realm of the infinite without trepidation.

What can we say about war on Future Earth? There isn’t any, and no need for such measures to bring about justice and peace. Peace begets peace — it is no more complicated than that. You discover this soon enough in your present circumstances as more people in your era join the forces of Light that focus on peace to bring about peace rather than waging war — which only forces an acquiescence and is not a true state of peace.

Is there famine and starvation in the future? Of course not. How could there be, when there is sharing and giving across all borders, across all boundaries, and across all beliefs? No one lacks or goes without on Future Earth.

Sound Utopian? It is not only possible, but real, and you created it with your desire for a better world.

There is no need for currency. You finally abolished this form of exchange when it became possible for more and more of you to simply exchange services and earn “points” or “favors.” You became a culture that shares with and serves one another, which lifted the veil of separation that all too often is generated in your world because of your perceptions and use of money.

Is there central government? Not in the form you presently know. Instead, we serve the whole by honoring the individual. Your Internet was the foundation for this great shift, and it will be seen by you, in the not-too-distant future, that the power of the individual is restored. It was long in its coming, but it was achieved.

There are no hospitals or prying clandestine organizations. Sickness is no more on Future Earth, because you achieved more fulfilling lifestyles, healthier eating habits, and a greater harmony with your bodies as well as with the Earth. And as you matured as a race and grew beyond your fears, there became no need for secret organizations to spy on its citizens.

Without those long-standing institutions, you may ask, how then do we survive?

Our Reality will not make sense to some of you since your structures of government chain-of-command, in addition to societal paranoia, have been set firmly in place for so long that you can hardly conceive of an existence without them.

What about ecology? Instead, think of “epitome” — for it is the essence of life that we honor and all is sacred on Earth and is blessed to us. Your present ecological concerns evolved into a global epiphany where you finally realized that humanity and ecology are one. You implemented that awareness which became the epitome of our existence. Our global respect for nature, each other and all living things initiated a rapid rejuvenation of a world that you thought you were losing.

And where do your celestial brothers and sisters fit into all of this? You will embrace your comrades and relatives from the stars, but first you will have to come to terms with how you treat each other. You will eventually lose your fear of these celestial citizens, just as you lose your fear of and hostility toward your fellow human.

Those who have the greatest fear and hostilities will need to pass away before the new and bolder generation can rise up to take the helm. They will, indeed, rise up and lead your countries into greater union and camaraderie, and this will build the foundation for your future alliance with those from the stars.

Once these relationships improve, the gates of heaven will open wide and you will find yourself surrounded by a glorious new world in which there were always celestial friends awaiting your return — you simply could not see them for the fear and doubt that clouded your perception.

And what of the dolphins? There are no dolphins on Future Earth. Why? Because they have become human. Is that a disappointment to some of you? Let it not be disappointing, because you shall soon understand that many dolphins are already sharing human bodies in your era. And many more shall incarnate into human bodies as increasing numbers of humans achieve a greater grace and ease with their lives, which shifts the entire collective frequency of your world. The lifting of the vibrational frequency of humankind will accommodate the consciousness of dolphins, making it much easier for them to inhabit human forms.

The dolphins will take a new role among humans when it is determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are indeed equals. It will come to pass, as a result of your own scientific research, that dolphins have capabilities that far exceed those of humankind. And yet the most proud among you will not submit to these findings and will debate and argue against this. It will be seen over and over again in subsequent testing that dolphins out-range the best of humans in areas of cognitive feats that will astonish even the most ardent of scientists. What will you say then when it is discovered that the brain of the dolphin is proven to be more evolved than that of the human?

And what does this more evolved brain do with its time? Does it generate technologies? Does it entertain itself with distractions? Does it analyze nature through sciences? Does it manipulate governments, nations, public policy, or corporations? No! Instead the evolved brain becomes the implement by which a Higher Creative Power channels its creative energies into shifting the course of events and navigating the waters of Utopia: a vast and endless ocean of joyful possibilities, fuller expression of creativity, and future enthusiasms achieved by leaping beyond old concepts and bounding effortlessly upon waves of uncertainty.

It is the nature of consciousness to seek a form that allows its fullest expression. Doesn’t it make sense, then, that those in your Reality who are the least limited and the freest to experience the joy of life and the creative play of true genius are the dolphins?

They are the Saviors of your world in many respects. And even though this may seem laughable to some, and ridiculous to others, think not that these beings are any less intelligent or profound simply because they do not speak your languages and do not take the form of human.

Let them — and the free-thinkers and visionaries of your world — light the way into the future. Let them ignite your imagination as to all the possibilities. It is not beyond your ability to imagine a Reality that is far freer, in nearly all respects, than what you have now!

Not only is it possible, but achievable. For you created Future Earth. You are the owners of a new world and you are our ancestors.

Let this awareness seep into your heart and soul so that you can and will call up from deep within you the memory of an era in which all that we speak of was already in existence. You are merely reclaiming what was once yours to begin with.

You must live now as though it were already true, for in so doing you manifest more rapidly the peaceful, bountiful, and beautiful world you all long for

Paula Peterson, whom readers will recognize as a regular writer for Spirit of Ma’at, is a clairvoyant, Spiritual-Life Counselor, author, hypnotherapist, and health educator.

Throughout the 1990s she was sponsored in Japan and the United States for the inspiring transmissions from EA and featured in four international books and an award-winning documentary on UFOs and celestial visitors.

For more information on personal and group sessions, and to subscribe to her free on-line newsletter, you may contact Paula at www.paulapeterson.com or www.EARTHCODE.net, Paula Peterson PO Box 2323 Sedona, AZ 86339, by