Honor the Progress You’ve Made


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Sophia

Honor the Progress You’ve Made

Ærkeenglen Sophia kanaliseret gennem Sharon Davis 13. juni 2019


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Sophia

Hello, dear ones. This is Sophia.

So much transformation has occurred for each of you over the last few years. Honor the enormous progress you’ve made and celebrate the process of growth that you are continuing to move through.

Often when on the spiritual path, people focus on the experiences of purging that go on as the light increases. They sometimes look with frustration or even horror at old patterns, repetitive thoughts, or negative reactions that have been obstacles to their inner growth. No doubt each of you have done this at times.

It is important to understand that every single thing that each of you have been through has led you to the next step. Without those mistakes, errors in judgment, or negative thinking, you would not have taken the steps that have led you to this very moment.

Every single moment in your life is precious. This absolutely includes you. When you are on the spiritual path and your heart is open, although an action may appear to be a mistake, there are no mistakes. That very mistake has led you and/or others forward.

Honor your process. Recognize your own longing and focus that has brought you this far. Just as you honor the light outside of yourself, remember to honor your inner light that has been guiding you throughout your experience of time and space. That light is the divine consciousness that rests within each of you.

When you focus on the awareness that everything you see and experience with your senses is divine, that must also include yourself. If you look at everything as divine except you, that is simply your ego maintaining the contraction within your consciousness. It is inevitable on the spiritual path that you eventually must realize who you truly are.

For some of you, it is easier to first recognize divinity within your own being. For others, it occurs first outside of you. But eventually, both inner and outer become one. There can be no division within pure consciousness. That experience of division and differences exists within your own realm. As you move higher in your awareness, those differences fall away. They simply can no longer exist in the force of divine light.

Contemplate your view of your own self and your view of your outer reality. Where do you see separateness? Where are there contractions in your pure awareness? How can you begin to shift your awareness toward unity instead of divisiveness? Practice this daily. Become aware of how you view your world. Become aware of how you speak about your world. And become aware of how you view and speak about your own self.

Each of you are spark of that divine light. This light projects “reality” issued forth from you. And this “reality” is what you then move through and interact with. Instead of focusing on the projection, keep your focus on the essence of the projection– that divine light, the pure awareness within you.

You are divine. You are the embodiment of divine light. You hold within you the absolute awareness of Source. There is only one pure consciousness, and although each of you experience yourselves as separate, you are all simply expressions of the One.

To attain and maintain this awareness, it is important to meditate. Meditation quiets your mind. As long as the mind is active and filled with thoughts, it is the thoughts that you will experience instead of your true nature. Eventually, you will learn to go beyond the mind even when it is active. But for now, learn to become very still. Let go of attachments and desires that your mind has created and learn to rest in the beauty of your own inner Self.

Just as you learn to love everything around you and experience love pulsating within it, learn to also love your own self. For that divine love pulsates equally within your own being. You are divine. You are pure, conscious, Light. You are a perfect expression of Source.

To rest in this awareness, meditate.

With great love for each of you,