Your Message from Archangel Gabriel for January, 2017


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel

 Your Message from Archangel Gabriel for January 2017

Ærkeenglen Raphael kanalisering gennem Shanta Gabriel 5. January 2017

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel

Your Message from Archangel Gabriel for January 1, 2017

Dear Ones,

You are a most auspicious group of Souls who have been seeking to express your Soul Purpose for many years. You have landed in a Sacred Circle that has been diligently anchoring the Divine Light of Unity Consciousness all over the world.

Prayer Vigils are a profound way of gathering energy to be focused for a good purpose. An Anusthan is the Hindu version of this ancient custom that expands the Light and like a laser, sends it where you are placing your attention.

Science has proven the efficacy of prayer and focused meditation in many studies. Your consciousness makes a profound difference in your experience of Life. The spiritual practice that you began today is essentially to raise your vibration first and help to clear away all the old patterns of thought, word and deed that no longer serve you. With Grace and Ease, Divine Light will transmute the old frequencies through the power of this group focus.

Your prayers and intentions raise your frequencies to open into the pure Flow of Divine Light that is available always and is like the River of All Creation. This is the flow of Divine Source Energy. As you focus your attention, you are aligning with your Soul Star. This is the part of you that is your most Divine Self and that which knows your Highest Soul’s Reality. Your Alignment with this energy allows you to receive Divine Love into every area of your life and act as a catalyst for New Life Awakening within you.

You must be very gentle and compassionate with yourself throughout these eleven days and let the sacred Light of Peace permeate every area of your life. Through this Anusthan you are nourishing your body to the very cellular structure with Divine Light. Like a tree operating in Photosynthesis, you are literally feeding your energy system.

Let your heart receive this Divine Substance of Light energy. As you do this you are activating the sacred geometry of the Torus, which is the magnetic field surrounding your heart. Know that the Torus is a regenerating field that will continuously circulate the Light you anchor in your heart throughout your blood stream. Breathe that concept into your heart and allow this empowered magnetic field to do its work within you.

When you allow the Source energies of Divine Light to flow down the natural manifestation currents in the energy field around and through your body, you are feeding the Earth with the power of Divinity from Source and allowing it to descend through your chakra system to anchor on the Earth.

As you do this you are anchoring Light into the Earth Star that is connected to the crystalline grid of the Earth. Like mushrooms and plants that have a common root system, Wellbeing floods the Earth from this Wellspring of Light.

As you bask in the wondrous Beauty of this sweet Earth you are allowing yourself to be nourished with new Vitality and Stability for the structures you are creating for this New Year. One person aligned in this sacred current of Source Energy becomes a Beacon of Light to the world.

All of these amazing aspects of Awakening Life are only a small part of what you are doing as you commit to this spiritual practice.. May all that you do be multiplied in the Grace of Divine Love being activated in and through you on this auspicious day. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
January 1, 2017


Your Message from Archangel Gabriel for January 2, 2017

Dear Ones,

We will speak today of the 11:11 Codes for the Awakening Consciousness on the Earth. These Light codes which have lain dormant in your DNA for eons of time, were activated on the Earth in the year 1991, as a return of Divinity in Angelic form within all beings. The presence of the Archangels was committed to the Earth’s awakening at that time to anchor the waves of Divine Light that had began at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Many were empowered by this Angelic event on 11:11, 1991 and gathered to celebrate and welcome the angels on to the Earth through their own human forms. Many joined in elaborate spiral dance steps to bring Heaven to Earth through them and volunteered to be emissaries for this divine mission. As you can imagine, Shanta was one of those people.

As a result of the activation of those codes, the Archangels opened the Gateways to the Divine Feminine and created the empowered 11:11 Portal that is opened to any who notice the 11:11 on any day or night. They stand at the cosmic gates and await your prayers and intentions. It is that moment when you can choose to walk into the manifestation of your dreams. Of course it is even more empowered on November 11, and during the expanded gateway of consciousness for these eleven days.

The firing of the 11:11 codes, radiating the frequencies for awakening humanity, has occurred more and more frequently since 2012 until it is rare to find someone with a digital clock who has not noticed it happening. Those that do not have access to digital clocks are finding gateways in nature that hold the codes in recognition of the Oneness within all things.

And now we are here in the New Year of 2017. Once again the Archangels can be found working very closely with the Earth, activating the divine frequencies and holding the 11:11 Gateways open, available to all those who wish to anchor the Divine within them as a blended human.

During this auspicious time, that for many began on the Solstice, the veils are very thin between the worlds. The presence of Angels during the Christmas season just passed was noticed by many and only acknowledged by some. Nevertheless the doorways to Greater Perception and Alignment with Source energy are available.

When you can create the familiarity within your human form with higher light frequencies you will notice a profound shift occurring within you that will not only awaken Divine Consciousness within your life, it will Light Up the World. The golden light working in and through your soul is elevating your perceptions, inspiring new awareness and guiding your foot steps on a new path. This pathway is one your soul has longed for to give more purpose to your life and allow your soul’s gifts to be used for the awakening of Light in the Hearts of All Humanity. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
January 2, 2017


Your Message from Archangel Gabriel for January 3, 2017

Dear Ones,

Continuing our discussion of the 11:11 Light Codes, we are focused today on the Light of the Divine Feminine. This intricate yet expansive energy is being downloaded with the Light Codes of the 11:11 frequencies. There is nothing you need to do specifically to encourage the flow of the Sacred Feminine, your process at this time is anchoring this pure Light substance of Creativity, Receptivity and Balance.

As you receive to the deepest recesses of your being during your spiritual practice, you are becoming a pure Conduit of the Divine Feminine. New levels of Freedom and Expansion are the results of this powerful practice. Know also that your emotions will be engaged in a new way that many will find disconcerting. Your spiritual practice for life at this time involves activating more Neutrality and disconnection from mental distractions.

Because the Light frequencies you are experiencing activate the intellect, it is not surprising when you find yourself going on a mental tangent that is expansive and creative. The issue then becomes more focus on keeping your awareness aligned with your chakra system. This will allow you to experience the new expansiveness in your physical body without it triggering old patterns of fear and aggressive reactions. Those specific frequencies are very prevalent on the earth right now, and most people have experienced their own version of this energy throughout life.

It’s important that your engagement with the intensity of the energy not take you out of Alignment with your highest Soul Reality. To do this, there is a requirement for more Neutrality and Balance in every moment. That is to why masters for centuries sought to encourage the attention of their students to deep breaths and a mental focus on mantra and positive affirmation. The sacredness of this practice leads you back into Alignment with the pure Source energy.

Your physical body is learning to integrate the frequencies of the Divine Feminine, and your nervous system needs to be soothed in the process. As you open to these exalted frequencies, know that Discernment and Neutrality are necessary if your emotions are triggered.

Allow your Light Field to expand and receive with no resistance so the old patterns can be transmuted into Light while you allow the flow of Divinity to ground through your physical body. The Earth thrives in these energies and Nature is helping to make them more usable in worldly life so the frequencies of Divine Feminine energy are able to create more Wellbeing in the World and in every area of your life.

Receptivity is key now and the most important action that needs to taken is to receive the power of Divine Love into your hearts and let yourself be permeated by this Presence. The Divine Light you are receiving is filled with Gods Love as well as a new form of Divine Feminine Intelligence that is meant to fully manifest within your heart so you can trust your intuition in more graceful ways.

You are anchoring the Light of Well Being though your spiritual practice and All of Life is Blessed. Know that Heaven is celebrating and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
January 3, 2017


Your Message from Archangel Gabriel for January 5, 2017

Dear Ones,

For many in the world, today is a day called Epiphany. It is a time when new Light shines through the darkness and clarity prevails.

Know that this truly is the process in action as the 11:11 coding activates the frequencies of illumination. However as much as you would like to have a more enlightened perspective once and for all in every area of your life, that is not how the process works in 5D realities.

What you will experience is Illumination winking in and out of your perception. You are receiving activated awareness moment to moment like the sun breaking through the clouds. You absolutely know that the Light of the Sun will come back to shine again and you do not stress yourself by trying to figure out when. Remember this Truth as you receive Divine Light into your consciousness as well.

II is an act of Faith to remember this Truth that Divine Light is always shining and to also be aware of the aspects of Divine Timing present at all times. So consciously you align yourself with the Divine Love within your heart and the cells of your body. You set your intentions to be in harmony with Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance because that is the essence of the reality you are creating with the 11:11 code activation.

Your true Divine Nature and the New Earth is birthing through your consciousness and is your spiritual practice at this time. The power of your awareness is gifting all Life by anchoring these activated codes onto the planet.

The Light Fields are very full right now. It is like all humanity is pregnant with new life birthing Divine Light into the world.

The structures are being set into place in this fullness and because they hold the intelligence and love of the sacred Feminine consciousness, and there is a flowing format of Flexibility that has never been experienced before.

Let yourself bask in the glow of that very expansive creative perspective. Allow yourself to receive the deep feminine energy, let it flow through your body and anchor it deeply into the Wellbeing available in your base chakra and on the Earth. Receive the nourishment as you anchor Divine Light into the world. Know that through you it is done and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 5, 2017


Your Message from Archangel Gabriel for January 6, 2017

Dear Ones,

We will speak today about the importance of Grounding and what it means to Anchor the Divine Light on the Earth. Creating a reality of Oneness in the world means that all aspects of self are in Alignment with your Soul’s Highest Destiny on Earth.

You have many choices in every day life that could ask the question – does this decision support my Highest Soul’s Reality? Is this choice in Alignment with my Soul Purpose and the impulses from my Higher Self?

This Alignment leads you into a grounded state of being which allows the activation of wisdom that can put a more enlightened reality to work in every area of your life.  

Your Highest Self loves it when you use all the senses of your physical being, engaging your most exalted aspects with the highest emotional states possible when you are in Alignment with your Soul. There is celebration in the Angelic Dimensions. It is a delight to those beings of Light that are working for the awakening of all humanity when you ground these expansive frequencies for the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.

The more you bring Divine Light through your body, the more it dissipates the darkness and so you are free. The more you ground these higher frequencies into the Earth, the happier you become. Anchoring Light through your Base Chakra allows you to ground any excess energy such as anxiety, fear, or anger into the planetary grids so it can become the compost that feeds the Earth.

The next step is to then expand from your Root Chakra to connect deeply with the nourishment within the Earth. In our work together we are anchoring Divine Light to the Earth Star, while feeling the empowerment of a strong grounded system that allows you to be connected to the Heart of the Mother in perfect Alignment with All That Is.

You are then in deep communion with the nurturing qualities of the Divine Feminine that can feed you on every level with more Vitality and Nourishment.

Again we come back to our analogy of the tree. The tree sends its roots deeply into the Earth. The deeper these roots go the higher the tree can grow, and the stronger it becomes to weather the storms of life.

The expansiveness of its roots assist the tree to allow its branches to expand far and wide. In fact for many trees, their canopy can only expand as widely as their root system. This is a concept that is vital for those in physical form who want to be a bridge from Heaven to Earth, and bring more Light for the awakening of humanity.

Photosynthesis becomes a natural reality for those who allow themselves to receive the Divine Substance within the Light and let it bring nourishment into your energy system like the leaves can feed the tree. This nourishing Light flows down the naturally descending currents to the root system and mixes the Light energy with the frequencies of Vitality and Nurturing within the Earth in perfect Harmony aligned with the organic systems of Nature.

All of Nature thrives in these alignments. As Above So Below is the natural state of being. The grounding of excess energy in your body is like compost and feeds the Earth. The nourishing qualities of Vitality within the Earth move up your body in the natural currents of Liberation and feed your physical energy systems so you can be a greater conduit for Divine Light.

Just like the tree, when you are in Alignment to the Source through the whole of your physical being with the Earth, you radiate Peace to the planet.

Most people on the Earth are starving for this level of Wellbeing. All that you do to ground Divine Light within your body will serve the world and all humanity with Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 6, 2017