You are where you focus your energy and attention to be


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael
You are where you focus your energy and attention to be

Channel for The Council of Love Linda Dillon, oktober 2017

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael

You have designed your energy as such for you to succeed in healing the suffering for everyone in this universe and multiverse. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest ones! I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel and Lily of Love, Messenger of the One, Trumpet of the Truth, bringer of the joy and uplifting to you all.

I am extremely pleased to be here today with all of you, to address thee, these fabulous, fantastic and fearless wonders that you are.

I know you have your moments of sadness and doubt, I know that there are times when you feel and fear that you are approaching the end of the world or even the end of the universe and multiverse, but that doesn’t deter you from getting back and regaining your loving balance, over and over again.

You realize now that you can never be completely lost. You do understand that no matter how low and close to the abyss site you dare to go, you are never separated or without that strong connection to the love that you are, the entire you. You tend to separate and distance yourselves when you give in to the fears, but even when you find yourselves traveling very far, you can decide and intend to bring yourselves back in an instant, into love and into the heart of that multidimensional being of light that you are. You are where you focus your energy and attention to be.

But when you decide to be on the best service that you can be to the Mother and to humanity, you want to be wherever your guidance and selves want you to go next.

When you do need to go through past trauma, and even through past lifetimes, to deal with some pain and suffering, you do not have to stay and visit for too long and certainly, please, do not attempt to take and give everything that you have. Take all of your love and the wisdom you have accumulated, take the knowing that there is a good reason and a great purpose for all of your earthly experiences, especially for the most painful ones.

You have designed them as such, because it was a requirement for you to succeed in the healing of that important same piece of suffering for everyone in this universe and multiverse.

Do not even try to imagine the multiple ways in which you are assisting with this healing and restoration of light and love in this timeline or in any other one, and in this and all dimensions. Dear hearts, strive to remain the detached observer of your journey and do not get caught into the drama and the negative beliefs and judgements of your human experiences.

Retrieve the messages they have for you and then place the pieces of your puzzle together in a playful manner, and then joyfully proceed with excitement, keeping your eyes on the Mother’s love at all times. Everything else is only a distraction and an attempt to delay you in fulfilling your divine plan and mission.

I will leave you with my love and joy! Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.