Take a deep breath for the final stretch my dears


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel

Take a deep breath for the final stretch my dears

Kanaliseret gennem Isabel Henn 25.nov. 2012


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel



My beloved, I am so excited about your success with the recent global meditations on the portal openings. You worked so beautifully and anchored even more light on the earth. Gaia shines in her almost original splendor in your solar system and still very much further. Her transformation from a planet to a star is almost complete. Please do not weaken now, so difficult it is for you after this yet so busy and demanding year.

My beloved Lightbearers, Star Seeds and incarnated Masters and Archangels, you all have done a great job and there are only a short four weeks in your calendar up to the big event. You are tired and worn out, I know that very well, because I know how my beloved incarnation feels with each passing day more, she spends among you. She has prepared herself for thousands of years on this life with you. As an Archangel and a member of the Legions of Light, she had deliberately chosen to turn to the dark side in order to develop in this present life understanding and compassion for the dark forces on your planet. She had committed any acts that were possible, from robbery to murder. She had to accept her descent from the 12th Dimension and 2000 years working up her karma, but it was necessary and important in order to perform her tasks in this last incarnation before Ascension. We will welcome her with great joy upon her return.

Your work and your physical conditions are therefore not unfamiliar for us. We know how to appreciate it, without it humanity would have to experience another cycle of duality. You have achieved so much, but it’s not quite over for you. Take a deep breath for the final stretch my dears. It is almost done and the result is not longer to be jolted at. Ascension is unstoppable. Still rest a little until the next portal at the end of the month at the full moon and the lunar eclipse. Take a little breath in the few days. Compare it with these trips on your water coasters. You stand up on the top and tend to slow down and you can see the water in which you will then whiz. The spray will squirt in all directions and make you wet. But the cart is determined to stay on the tracks and continue the way to the great portal on 12-12-12. This portal will change your world. Let yourself be surprised. Immerse and experience the joys that it will bring to you. The 12-12-12 will be the beginning of Ascension for many of you, with you lightworkers waiting rather to keep it open until the end of the gate. This task will be performed by the new Masters, which have risen over the past 12 months and came back to earth in order to fulfill their missions.

As we have said many times in recent weeks and months, rest as often as you can. Keep a nap or a rest as often as possible. The last few weeks will demand a lot more from you. So please take care of yourselves my beloved. Rest, eat light and drink plenty of water. Ground yourselves carefully and let your light shine as beautiful as before.

It’s so much enjoying to watch you, but we do not only observe, but we are with you, if you stumble from fatigue or when the energies demand their toll. My beloved Raphael is diligent in healing, along with other angels. We hold your hand when you are tired and feel alone and wrap you in our love. So many of you ask for our help, and that’s a good thing. For this we are always there. All around the clock. You are never alone, but surrounded by countless angels to protect, escort and heal you. To whisper encouraging words to you, when you think you know not any further. To embrace you when you’re desperate. One word, one thought to us and we do our best to lead you through the last few weeks.

You really make it my beloved. So close to the target we make sure that nobody will remain on the way. You can depend on it. Prime Creator and our all Mother Lady Maria will not allow it, that just one soul gets lost. Each individual soul will inevitably return to them one day, no matter how long it takes. This is the divine decree and can not be otherwise. The love of our Creator pair is infinite and boundless. We Angels and all the Masters also just love all of creation, each individual being, every single grain of sand.

I am the Archangel Gabrielle and I wrap you in my own infinite love for you.

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