Release Inner Obstacles


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel

Release Inner Obstacles

Ærkeenglen Metatron kanaliseret gennem Sharon Davis 17. dec 2018

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel

Greetings everyone! This is Gabriel.

Are you feeling the intensity of the energy coming through now? We know that it’s a holiday time for many of you, and this energy is making everything a bit more intense. But allow this intensity to push you through inner obstacles that you have been struggling with for decades. Now is the time to release old patterns, fears, and inner obstacles that keep you from standing in your own light.

Many of you are having strong emotions rise to the surface right now. Isn’t that true? Are you feeling fear, jealousy, or anger, or seeing old negative patterns of behavior surface right now? The current energy is very strong, and it is bringing these things up to be released. Stay vigilant. Be very observant of your actions and your emotions right now. Observe old patterns as they arise and remain resolved to let them go.

Remember that you are not the only one going through this purification process. Just as the energy is very strong for you, it is also very strong for everyone else in the world. So, although for those of you who celebrate Christmas, this is a time for generosity and compassion, you may instead see some very different behaviors in yourself or others. Practice compassion and understanding for everyone around you and for your own self. Be gentle with yourself. Drop your tendency to judge others and yourself.

What is coming up now for each of you is neither good nor bad. Think of it as energy. Heavier energy is being released so that it may be replaced by more pure, radiant light. Rejoice in this process. Even though it may feel difficult for a short time, it is a supreme blessing.

Focus on your own inner love. Continue to meditate every day on your own inner light–your inner Self. Rest in your own beauty, your own inner radiance. And if you are not currently going through something difficult, focus even more deeply on your own inner love. As you embody that inner state, others will feel it and it will help them to move even more quickly through their own purification.

Remember that you are loved. Even if you feel alone at this time, know that you are surrounded by subtle beings who love you deeply. Many of you even have a cheering section, applauding your inner growth. These are beings that are not currently in physical form but have had a close relationship with you at other times. Let their love and joy enter you and fill you with delight and gratitude. You are truly loved.

From the subtle levels we can see everything about you, but we don’t judge. We may make suggestions, but they are only to help you move even higher. You are all so much more than how you present yourself on earth. Your souls expressed just as small portion of their consciousness to create you.

Utilize the current energy influx to meet your own soul and discover more fully who you are at that level. Then, again go within to discover the entirety of your essence. You are a creation of Source and a portion of Source. And you exist within Source. Revel in the awareness of your union with the Divine.

All of us send you much love and blessings,