Nine days of awakening


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel

nine days of awakening

Kanaliseret gennem Shanta Gabriel den. 9.aug  2012

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel

Dear Ones,

This time you have been living from 1987 to 2012 has been called the Great Awakening, the Shift of the Ages and the Nanosecond, among others. No matter what it is called, these last 25 years on Earth  have been held in great interest by the worlds that exist on other  planes and dimensions. Will humanity of the Earth be able to use the  high frequency downloads of Divine Light to create new life on the  planet? Will there be a spiritual awakening or mass destruction? All is  possible.

We were aware that this time held the triggers for awakening within the core of humanity so it held great promise. There was curiosity to know how you would  handle the pressure of accelerated energy and to see if you would be  able to use the power of your thoughts and beliefs to create a new earth  that reflected the desires of the many instead of the few. This time on  Earth holds the promise for great feats of renewal, empowerment,  harmony and peace.

There are vast changes now evident within the forces of people’s awareness.  More and more groups have formed in conscious community to use the  gathered wisdom to bring transformation into the world. There have been  gateways and portals that have been observed and used to bring awakening  energy onto the planet. Now the time has come for the quantum leap to  new consciousness, a mass awakening. Will you be able to do this  together? There are many from other star systems and dimensions who are  watching to find out.

They are also here to encourage you and to let you know how much you are loved and guided. These are the unseen cheerleaders for those willing to take a leap and  receive their assistance. That you have turned to us in this time is no  accident. We have known of your love and your trust. It is now time to  carry these teachings forward because the years after 2012 are going to  be times fraught with disappointment and fear, as well as exhilaration  and joy.

These unseen Forces of Light are not going to leave the Earth in the lurch as this awakening occurs.  You will need to have vast levels of guidance to keep the Illuminated  Glow of Truth burning in the midst of the changing life all will be  experiencing. You are not without support and we will help you through  these times – both collectively and personally. There are many Teachers  of Truth who are multidimensional in nature. We are here to assist you  through this tumultuous awakening that is occurring. We prefer the word awakening to ascension because there is so much baggage and confusion attached to  the word ascension. This is a time of new freedom and opening to the  abundant life. You don’t need to bring along the old paradigms attached  to verbiage.

From August 11 to the 20th, there will be 9 days of awakening.  Openings will occur within portals all over the planet and a massive  download of Divine Love will be radiated from the Cosmos. This will  spark mass transformation on a cellular level as people  receive this energy of love in a way that was never possible before. By  August 20, all who are attuned to frequency will be able to experience a  greater sense of inner peace and more clarity in their lives. This will  be of great value because the energy waves will continue to accelerate  through December 21 and grounding will be needed.

Commemoration of the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987

Many of you have been fascinated with this much prophesied 25-year  period from the original Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and have been  working to ground the Divine Light within your beings since that time.  You have known that you were meant to be on the Earth during this  momentous time in history to hold Divine Light within you, and to also hold the belief in a new peaceful awakening for the planet. Even though the years from 1987 have looked anything but peaceful, you  have known in the core of your being that “birth is messy.” You have  anchored within you the growing power of Divine Light and welcomed more  Love into your life knowing you are a part of a new birth in  consciousness.

Through this time most of you lost all that was dear to you as the rugs of contentment were pulled out from under your feet. And  still you held to the faith that a new world would awaken from the  ashes, and new life would be one with more harmony and the peace you  knew was possible. To you, Warriors of Light, we offer our gratitude and honor, and yet it is not over. The culmination of 2012, this Year  of Promise, requires an anchoring of the Light for a World of Peace. We come together to use this energy of our collective knowing to hold the truth of a Great Awakening, a Spontaneous Evolution for all on the planet.

Some off-world inhabitants playing God did not create this tumultuous  time. The cycles of time now coincide to create the opportunity for  large numbers of people to awaken. The level of frequency of cosmic  energy has never been greater. This provides impetus for powerful shifts  and can be used for ill gain or spiritual awakening. This is not  dissimilar to times in ancient past when the power available was  misused. You can be sure that many will do that very thing. But the sheer number of people who are dedicated to spiritual awakening and peaceful planetary shifts has never been greater. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for new levels of awakening  and a greater level of assistance from the Angelic Dimensions, the  Ascended Masters and multidimensional teachers from many realms who hold  the Earth in a sacred manner.

When one looks back on the changes that have occurred on the planet  since 1987, it can be mind-boggling. The power of the World Wide Web  alone has changed the way the world communicates and does business.  These same interconnecting links will lead the world into even greater  levels of evolution. During the 9 Days of Awakening Light, there will be opportunities to transmute the power of the old paradigm where the needs of the many are usurped by the few. You will have the chance to activate completions from the misuse of power and bring more balance and sustainability to  life on this planet. Portals will be opening all during that week from  August 11 to the 20th that will enable those who have been attracted to  this awakening to work together for a new planetary shift into Divine  Love and emerging consciousness.

You will align with leaders, teachers and groups all over the world who are being impulsed by the awakening forces of the Angelic  Dimensions, the Ascended Masters and the Beings of Light from many  realms who observe and protect the planet. It is a gorgeous gathering for the force of Divine Love as has never before been witnessed.  You are all coded for this awakening. Many who have carried a  fascination for the Harmonic Convergence since 1987 will come to greater  understanding of the part you have played over the past 25 years.

All is in readiness. Join with those whose love attracts you and  create together your vision of a new world that is filled with Harmony,  Beauty and Peace. Remember, you would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

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