Bridging Heaven and Earth


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel

Bridging Heaven and Earth

Ærkeenglen Gabriel gennem Shanta Gabriel den 02. juni 2012

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Gabriel

Bridging Heaven and Earth has become the empowerment of this age. Never before have the spiritual frequencies supported the level of ascension possible for this connection to occur. Never has the Love of God and Creative Wisdom been so available for the download of energy that floods your being with grace. Great Harmony is the result when you allow expansion to occur so that the Divine can be embraced in your daily life.

How does this occur? All you need is the willingness to let go of fear and open into a new way of being. Your consciousness can shift on the proverbial dime enabling you to accept high frequencies of Divine Energy into the brain stem. This opens the medulla for creativity to take place in your life on a grand scale.

Creativity is the missing link many times. When your world seems flat and dull, it’s creativity you need. When your life is confusing and overwhelming, creativity will open the doorways of heaven and allow new awareness to take place, and when your life looks so scary, it takes great courage to peek around the corner – it is creativity that will change the way you perceive.

Creative flow of Divine Energy is the heavenly component that will bring awakening into your life. You can receive the help you need for the connecting link that awakens you to possibilities that can bridge Heaven and Earth.

We offer you prayerful assistance:

“Divine Presence – open my mind and heart to new levels of Creative Energy, new perceptions and loving truth. Through my being, may I become a bridge from Heaven to Earth and bring new awakening into my life.”

Believe and Receive -– The seeds of awakening are being offered through a new creative flow into your being.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel

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