The Future is Yours and it is now!


Kanalisering af Ærkeengel Uriel

The Future is Yours and it is now!

Ærkeenglen Uriel gennem Linda Dillon 19 oktober 2015

Kanalisering af Ærkeengel Uriel

Greetings, I am Uriel, Archangel of Illumination, Bringer of the Future, and yes my beloved friends, the Future is now. There is no such thing as time and yet it is the construct within which you operate and it is ancient and it is brand new and it is not yet born. So, welcome, welcome my beloved friends.

I am Archangel of the Silver Ray and I come this day to re-gift you and for many of you to gift you for the very first time with my Silver Flame: Extend your right hand out to me…yes I know, you normally receive with your left…I wish you to extend your right hand, palm up, to me in this very moment of eternal now. And I place within the center of your palm my Silver Flame, and I put it in your right hand because you will give and you will share this with many. But, make no mistake my beloved friends; this gift of my Silver Flame is for thee. You have need of it right now!

I wish to explain to you how this works and how you might utilize this Flame which is of my essence; and it is brilliant, it is shiny like the blade of Archangel Michael’s sword, like the blade of your ice skates, like the silver gleam of the Healers of Tralana, of a new day.

My Silver Flame is the Flame of Illumination and it is to light your way into the places of darkness, into the places of shadow, into the places of chaos, into the places of confusion…within and without. There is no situation within your realm of existence that does not benefit from greater illumination.

You may have received, many times, the gift of Mother’s increase in Clarity, but this will illume even that clarity. When you are faced, within or externally, with a situation that you do not understand, that you are nervous or anxious or have trepidation about, extend your right hand with my Flame and let it shine brightly that you may see what lies ahead, the definition of what is in front of you, or behind you, or beside you. It will give you the clarity and the detail of what you are confronting. It will give you, my beloved friends, the solution so that you do not need to take the scenic detours.

Oh, you have spent many times in these wondrous adventures and detours, and they have been beneficial, but now is a time of straight forward movement. The time of Ascension is at hand and my Flame will lead you directly to the portal. It will allow you to see into other people’s hearts, not invading but bringing clarity, illumination and Love, to show you who they really are, but also to show them.

You may bring it to the collective; you may bring it to the places of war, of mayhem, of recalcitrance, of reluctance, of fear. And you will bring the light, not of brilliant white light which often overwhelms and frightens many. My gentle, bright but soft Silver Flame is here to assist you. It will assist you to know, as you heal yourself and others, what needs to be healed, what approach best works, when is it completed. It will help you with your finances; how to proceed, what is the best pathway, how do I invest, what do I steer clear of? It will help you in the reconstruction of Nova Earth. It will show you the Cities of Light. It will show you Nova Being.

When you use my Silver Flame, you are invoking my presence into your construct of now. I give you this as I extend my Love, my heart, my being. The future is yours and it is now!

Bless you and farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

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