Make a Leap of Faith


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Uriel

Make a Leap of Faith

Ærkeenglen Uriel gennem Jennifer Hoffman april 2015

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Uriel

It’s mid month and we’re all spinning a bit right now. After this weekend’s new moon and the energy activity so far, we’re either numb or hiding, maybe both. I have noticed that when there is a lot of energy movement I spend a lot of time home and I don’t do it on purpose. Even if I have things planned, something will come up that either makes me late or that I have to stay home for. I am not being antisocial, nor do I have a phobia. When there is so much energy moving, the best, safest, and most secure place for me to be is in my own energetic space.

Have you ever been out around a lot of people when so much energy is shifting and at some point, all you want to do is go home? It doesn’t matter how many more things you need to do, or who you’re with, you want to go home. That’s because your energy space is  the most grounded for you right now and as paradigms shift, as they are now, we tolerate the  movement more easily when we are in a space that feels safe to us. Paradigm shifts are separations in the energy fields that feel familiar to us and that can make us feel very vulnerable, so we want to be in a safe place so we can contemplate our next moves.

And this can be a scary process for some people, so their shifts are not graceful and effortless, sending a lot of scattered energy out there for others to pick up on. Remember my story about the passenger in the car in front of mine who threw a milkshake out of the window and it landed all over my windshield. I couldn’t see the road so I had to pull over to clean my windshield, while the driver kept on going, totally oblivious to what had just happened.

But we are here to change paradigms and this is where we are. This is the Archangel Uriel channeled message for this week, an encouraging message which reminds us that we can make our leap of faith into these paradigm changes, we have the courage to do this because it is what we came here to do.

Many blessings,
Jennifer Hoffman

Make Your Leap of Faith into New Paradigms

Do you feel, at this time, that you are reviewing old lessons, and seeing the past repeating in your life? Are these part of lessons you thought you finished and they are appearing again? Do you feel as though you are moving backwards instead of forwards? This is an important time for humanity, as you move through the close of one paradigm and the opening of another. The shift into new energies has been gradual until now, and each experience you see from the past is an opportunity to make it ‘more than’ what you have had before. You do not have to change everything, just add one more level of energy that makes it ‘more than’ the past, which brings you into a new paradigm and that is your leap of faith.

Every energetic frequency can be shifted at this time, and the energy of every experience is being reviewed, calibrated, and there is a choice for transformation and ascension, or to repeat the karmic cycle. If it feels tedious it is because you are bringing all of your experiences forward into a single moment, as you brought forward all of your karma into this lifetime, knowing that this would be the opportunity to transform those experiences. You are facing the final step into new ways of being. This is your ‘leap of faith’, the leaving behind of what you have known, which is based on the past and karma, and ascending into creation. The past is making its final appearance so you can make choices to be in that energy or to have an experience that is a leap of faith to move from the known experience of the past into the unknown potential of the present.

With each new level of frequency and vibration you experience, you are being presented with opportunities to review past decisions and choices, through a repetition of experience, so you can choose between the past and the present, the old paradigm and a different one. It is not a process of moving backwards, but one of reviewing your energy and the paradigms and dimensions you occupy, recognizing patterns that can be changed in order to create energy that fits within higher dimensional structures. Changing paradigms is a leap of faith that moves you from what you know to the unknown, it is a step forward that begins with a backward step.

Energy moves in a dynamic flow that continuously moves forward, and never moves backwards.  If you feel that the past is replaying in your life it is because you are using the energy from an old paradigm to re-create the past. You can now learn to live in a new moment in the present but that requires a transformation, which is the path of ascension. You ascend from the old paradigm into a new one, from the past into an energetic step above it.

The challenges that many of you are having right now are repetitions of past experiences, brought to you so that you can make new and different choices. If you have chosen fear in the past, you now have an opportunity to choose from the point of love or courage.  If your past choices have included anger, drama and chaos, you will now have an opportunity to choose peace and joy.  There is never a time when the Universe moves ‘backwards;’ that is your perception of  the situation.  Even as you shift to higher vibrations, you will still have to experience this dimension, to live among the people with whom you share your lives. These experiences are merely an opportunity to introduce new frequencies and to offer new energetic connections that they can choose to embrace or not.

This is a time of great change and you are evolving and ascending, even though it may not appear that way at times. There is nothing that you are doing that is wrong or a mistake. Each choice that you make is the right choice for you, at the time that you make it. When you are ready to make a different choice, you make it at that time. Be patient with yourselves as you are experiencing tremendous levels of soul integration, each one opening new energetic portals of potential.

Each shift in awareness invites new frequencies and a new leap of faith into different dimensions of being. Remember to practice detachment and be the observer, avoiding judgment of any situation so it can unfold into the full range of its choices. Then you can see things as they are, without the filters of your emotions, beliefs, and perceptions, so that you can remember that you are powerful, in control, and the creator of your reality in all of its dimensions, realities, opportunities, and potentials. Embrace your leap of faith and trust that it will lead you to the joy, love, peace, and abundance that you desire.

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