Have Patience but Don’t Be Patient


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Uriel

Have Patience but Don’t Be Patient

Ærkeenglen Uriel gennem Jennifer Hoffman juli 2015


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Uriel

The idea that everything takes time is accompanied by the belief that you have no control over any manifestation process and that patience is required in all things. It is true that some things take time, as energy must flow through density in the manifestation process. But patience is not a matter of waiting until you receive a result, it is a process of alignment, acceptance, and expansion that is guided by your intention. You  must have patience to allow density to become matter, but the belief that you must ‘be patient’ reduces the power of your intention and your ability to manage the energy flows.

When you have patience you acknowledge that the fulfillment of your intention will take form in the highest possible way. That may require some ‘time’ as the highest outcomes align energetically to manifest for you. But when you say that you are ‘being patient’, you assume a level of powerlessness and lack of control that you use to believe that you are not worthy of receiving that which you have asked for, when you need it. Need does not control energy flow, intention does. Need is based on fear and that is a lower frequency. You can never be in ‘need’, which is an aspect of limitation.

Manifestation is the transformation of energy into matter, the becoming of energy into the form created by and through your intention. This is how you use your creative power and abilities, part of your divine blueprint and life purpose, and it does not depend on time. Rather, it is a matter of energetic and  universal timing and energetic frequency and vibration. You hold the vibration required fro the highest possible outcome when you have patience and understand that you are creating a higher potential for yourself with each outcome. You also create a higher frequency when you stay focused on your intention and the purpose or outcome you are intending. Patience is then a matter of holding energy until the outcome appears.

This can take a little time or a lot of time, which depends on your levels of fear. When you are in fear you slow down the process and the greater your need and desire for an immediate outcome, the more you delay the process. That is not because the Universe is punishing you, it is because your fear is reducing the energetic vibration of your intention, ‘putting on the brakes’, so to speak, and not allowing the highest outcomes to manifest.

You are a co-creator of every reality on the earth, including your own, those you share with the collective of humanity, and the earth. Use your creative power to share your highest frequencies by having patience with the process as you guide the energy towards its most perfect outcome. But don’t ‘be patient’ and believe that you are waiting for another power to give you permission to create. Use patience to manage the energy flow and movement to its most powerful creation.

As a spark of divine light, an emanation of Creator, you serve Creator and humanity as a container for light. And you are the most energetically powerful container when you create from your highest frequencies and guide the light to its most powerful outcomes by staying within your intention, using your energetic consent to align with the highest frequencies and vibrations, and creating from your desire for the peace, joy, love, and abundance that you want to have and to be in every reality.

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