Passage to Fulfillment


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael

Passage to Fulfillment

Ærkeenglen Michael gennem Meredith Murphy marts 2013

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael

Beloved Ones,

You’re about to enter the new paradigm of being. You’ve been preparing for this for a long while. Some conscious for longer than others, but for all of you, what feels like a long, and arduous challenge. It is so wonderful when you reach a moment like this in life — when you don’t have to do anything, just let all you have already created ripen.

The galactic energies of the moon alignment will usher you into the new expression of being you have longed sense would become a reality on Earth.

The balance within you, emerging from the Equinox, is the last part of integrating the re-calibration process/program transmitted during the December Solstice and which has been unfolding and firing since then.

You know in your heart that new levels of awareness have come online. Your ego is gradually fading in it’s authority and it’s control. The emotions you used to merge with a sense of feeling, are now perceived more accurately and you’re begun to relate to sensation and feeling as different than emotions. Do you realize what an enormous shift this is? How much you have allowed yourself to become more neutral? In this neutrality, in welcoming life as it is, you have empowered your DNA to resume healing and reorganizing. It is liberated to open you to the world and to all of life, receiving the encodements that were intended to set you free. You could not receive all of this energy fully until you tipped the balance into a higher level of awareness. It is this greater merging with your Higher Self and your Soul Presence which is now facilitating this process for and with you.

Let your Soul walk you home. Entirely, you are capable of this. Simply remind continually your emotions and any “thinking” interference that you’re oriented to the heart now, to inner knowing. In this state life will present to you that which you will find beautiful and joyous. Life will bring forth opportunities moment to moment which will feel good and be so easy it will astonish you.

Long ago you let go of the programming of your family of origins, do you know this? All of you who think you still have so much healing to do, do you realize that when you began to question all of the “status quo” ways of viewing life, that you set yourself free and nothing has been the same since?

Beautiful Beings of Light you are entering the Eye of the Needle and you will come through this, clear and light, free and easy. Illuminated beings of love ready to enjoy Earth and to inspire others with your luminous being.

I am so happy for us all.

I AM Archangel Michael.