Emerging Potentials: September 2012 Energy Update


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael

Emerging Potentials: September 2012 Energy Update

Ærkeenglen Michael gennem Meredith Murphy sept 2012


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Michael

We’re here. We know it.

What is it?

That has been the way many of us have been feeling lately and it’s indicative of the momentum that is emerging and the grounding of this into manifest potential. When life begins it begins all at once, and likewise, this newness emerges in wholeness. The specificity, the diversity, the structures and the way it uniquely expresses in form, unfolds thru what we experience as time. This is the way new life dawns and it is happening right now and many of us are keenly aware of this.

I received this message from Archangel Michael for us, for September. Use it to play with your life. Use this expanded perspective to confirm your sense of things, to encourage you when it’s confusing and to feel part of a larger movement within our Universe. Big things are unfolding that have taken literal eons to create. It’s time to acknowledge that many of you are now living a 5th dimensional life within a 3d world. Enjoy being here now and make an effort to continually elevate your perspective to a larger, more expanded container for interpreting and perceiving experience. This will inform your knowing in ways that give you greater peace and ease. The collaborative co-creation of the new world is happening!

For those who’ve experienced this shift…

We’re not looking toward the future anymore, we’re here in the present creating it. What will this world be? Each of us are defining this. We’re creating unconventionally, shifting beyond old paradigms and ideas. By consciously embodying our love-filled selves, tapping into the wisdom of our own stream, we are drawing multidimensionality into presence here. We come together, reflecting heaven on Earth and creating from this embodied multidimensionality, with one another.

I am so honored to be a part of this with you. Dream more! Do more! Inaction when you feel inspired, breeds doubt and action helps us know if we’re on the right path and/or make adjustments. Move into the flow and live the life you want. It’s time to change the world.



Message from Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, in Light as Love!

We come together here in this new dawning hour to recognize the interpenetration of heaven and earth.

We join, to acknowledge that which has been created that was longed for and to orient together to the emerging potentials so that together we me play and create with the greatest empowerment for the benefit of all that is.

Light opens into newness as you allow it. It is organized by your focus, as all energy is, and so it is important for you to allow yourself to celebrate what is being created.

Realize that you are transforming experiences and even that all the chaos in the world simply reflects the dismantling of the old paradigms. The space being created within people’s expectations, their perspectives for something new to emerge. This dismantling creates a void, which acts as a vacuum summoning energies to fill the space. It is important that you allow yourself to claim what you have created and to continue to shape that newness that emerges by being vigilant in cultivating your energy, your intentions and feelings around creating a world of light and love.

As this emerging newness in-forms your reality, you will discover many beautiful things created by your fellow human beings and they will likewise discover your intentions as experience. There is a great opportunity for loving the whole within this.

When you feel hesitation to yield to the full cultivation of your dreams, remind yourself that the collective unfolding of newness on Earth is being synchronized and organized by the coherence of Gaia and All-That-Is and this is elementary of course, but I say this to reassure you that you can continue and even go more deeply into focusing upon creating your own joy and leaving the orchestration of this new harmony to the larger fields of sentience.

For many of you, within your newness you are beginning to sense that your purpose is being amped up a notch. {smile}

The superficial bells and whistles around your sense of self are being stripped away. In this beautiful, shimmering moment you discover you’re standing unexpectedly and simply in the company of some fundamentally essence dreams for expression in the here and now. The expansiveness of these dreams may be anxiety producing to say the least and it is in these moments that you will want to remind yourself that the reason these dreams of self-expression are re-surfacing now, is because it’s time.

Life has changed on Earth. Many things that would not have been welcomed in the past are finding vast acceptance now.

Allow yourself to enter into collaboration with your planetary wholeness, create space for your vastness to flow into your self-expression. Hold the container for that space for yourself, by imagining, “Wow, now it might be possible that this will happen as I’ve always dreamed and wished for.” By doing this you are enlarging what’s possible for you and allowing it to come through you. In essence this is how you create. You allow that which is you, to come through you and into form. By expecting and allowing the potential of it within your energy field. You do this by creating space and also by creating, mentally and emotionally, a pivot point– a possibility within your field that then opens to allow for things to shift. You simply say, “It might work now.” Or “I can feel that now this might begin to happen for me.” Then, with openness, you allow yourself to look for little signs that confirm this and believe me my beautiful friends, you will find them. {Smile}

Blessings and love to any of you who find yourself in a different place. Of course some of you are still in the earlier stages of awakening!

This is a perfect place to be because it’s exactly where you are. Exactly where you are is always perfect! Many have come before you and opened up the pathways to shift into greater love, which is nice–so you have lots of examples and encouragement in through these other parts of the whole to entrain you, to and to affirm to you that it IS possible to get there and that what it looks like looks pretty fabulous. So persevere and also take time to appreciate your own wisdom in choosing the perfect time to wake up for you. All the ways you appreciate your own self, are also fuel! Empowering you along the journey. Your choices have and are allowing you to have the perfect experience for you. It’s all been coordinated by your frequency, your desires and intentions so that you would have the experiences of expansion that you sought in coming here, now.

It is important for each of you to love where you are.

Endless expansion is the name of the game and so loving where you are always is an important ability to cultivate. It allows you to really rake in all the benefits and gifts of your current as it meets the current of life in the forms that exist presently. There are many gifts that are left on the table, so to speak, by those in a hurry to be somewhere else. And in fact, that desire slows down evolutionary movement. It creates fragmentation between the presence here and now and the mental desire or emotional desire which is off in the future or a vision. I’m speaking to the practice (the practice!) of separating from your experience because you don’t like it. Don’t do it! And if it’s a habit, gradually work to change it. Seek the pearls there. Find the glittering path to your own total emancipation there. Find your strength within it. Use your focus as intended to create your experience by living as you desire and choosing to focus and create your feelings regardless of the setting in which you find yourself. Throughout human history, from concentration camps to difficult childhoods, there have been humans who have found the pathways to light within their current and liberated themselves from things that are in many ways unfathomably horrible situations. So you too, can find the light in your current and orient there.

Orienting to the light within is an ongoing path of expansion and empowerment.

Your heart chakra is the key to this as it helps you to create the proper relationship to your intelligence. It helps your mind-body work with you in a new way that is different then the collective tendencies of the old paradigm. As the new paradigm becomes further and further established it will entrain others to function this way naturally. At this time however, it is still important to cultivate this orientation in your own life and to realize that there are endless streams of light energy within you to empower your well being and your life. It is up to you to pay attention to yourself, listening and learning to understand your own being, so that you may access the richness you are in your experience.

Living within your human form it is wise to view your body as a container, and your life as a container and your energy system as a container.

You want these containers to have boundaries that hold the energy and allow it to build. In doing so you will elevate your own field and empower your creativity. It is the reason that your sovereignty has been talked about so very much in the recent past, as a way to get you into a vertical alignment with your own wholeness so that you might begin to function as a prime reflection of your own energy and creator energy, without the drag or drain of other illusionary constructs in your field. In essence, to uncomplicated this, it just means that you want to be you and orient to you. Go within you. Trust you. Live as you. Let others do the same.

It is a complicated and slow process for many, especially you caring souls, to allow others to find their own way.

You have to unravel those impulses to speak, to tell, to teach when not asked, to “illuminate” another so that they will “see.” All of this is so distracting–for BOTH of you. It is irritating for both of you. It is a diminishment of both of you. It is a distortion of how energy works which needs to be dissolved and healed in your world. How will this happen? It will happen by each of you learning how to be in your own space, free others from the need to be different for your ease and relief, and simply focus on the joy in your own life, knowing as you do so you gift everything that is.

The emerging potentials of September are to catalyze your life with true purpose, to live without energetic encumbrance, and to open possibilities and to use perseverance and sovereign focus to empower a new version of you, thereby actualizing this interpenetration of heaven and earth.

Allow yourself to be (w)holy-present to you. Fascinating experiences within you are being birthed. Tune into your own newness with a willingness to just feel it. Allow it to flow naturally into more explicit forms and don’t rush to pin things down and in doing so make them smaller then they really are. Enormous liberating constructs of being are within your current and available to be created in form on Earth now. Transmit your essence into the here and now, transubstantiating human life into a more pure expression of the divine.

I am always available if you desire encouragement, guidance, or comfort.

More and more you will know how to find these things within your own current of light. Use me as a bridge whenever that would serve you. Know that it gives me great joy to conscious share of this journey together!

We exist as one.

I AM Archangel Michael

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