What is the Soul?


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

What is the Soul?

Ærkeenglen Metatron kanaliseret gennem Sharon Davis 24. feb 2019


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

Greetings! This is Metatron.

What is the soul of a mortal being or an angel? We’ve touched on this previously, but I’d like to go more in depth today. Now stay with me because this could get a bit heavy.

Souls, whether they are mortal or angelic, are issued forth from Source. Archangel souls are issued at the point when Source first begins each cycle of creation. At that time, some mortal and some angelic souls also are created. As creation expands, more and more mortal and angelic souls are manifested by Source.

As we have said before, mortal souls are manifested to collect information about the experience of being in physical form and in particular, to learn and collect as much information as possible about interacting with the creation that they perceive. They are also manifested for learning about the experience of emotions and thought. This, of course, includes experiences on planets other than earth. Mortal souls are on an evolutionary course.

Earth has been considered for quite a while as a very powerful training ground or advanced course for soul evolution. This is because of the nature of duality on your planet. It is a much more powerful challenge to have your desires denied and to experience constant opposites both within and without. Now, this is beginning to change as your planet and all of its inhabitants are in the process of evolving higher.

Angelic souls were created to serve, learn about and support mortal souls and their manifestations as they experience physical reality. Each is assigned to an individual mortal soul, and they learn and grow through the evolution of that soul. The angel’s job is to observe the soul’s manifestations, and when asked, to assist them. The soul of that angel learns by observing those manifestations, their interactions with the world they perceive around them, and the reactions of that mortal soul to their manifestations. The angel’s focus is to protect and uplift those manifestations and to direct them always toward love and their higher inner qualities.

Both mortal and angelic souls are in a sort of school without walls. They learn through observing and experiencing physical beings. Mortal souls follow a learning path that leads them to better understand a full range of human emotions and experiences, both positive and negative. Through the richness of these experiences, the soul deepens and matures.

As we have said many times before, the physical reality that each of you are currently experiencing, is actually a very real-feeling dream, manifested by your soul. So each of you were manifested by your own soul and hold a small portion of your soul within you that collects information. If a question arises within its training, each soul contemplates or answers the question by simultaneously manifesting one or more “incarnations” on earth or elsewhere. For example, if it wants to understand mortal love, it may spew out a variety of incarnations in which some suffer the deepest pangs of unrequited love. Others may have a deep, lasting, and beautiful loving relationship, and still others may experience love but then that love is lost. Although the person (manifestation) experiences this in a linear manner, for the soul, it all happens instantaneously.

By then absorbing the experiences of all of those “incarnations”, the soul perceives more deeply the experience of mortal love. It opens more fully by learning about love and the pain of loss. It may actually repeat this several times if it continues to have questions about that lesson. There are often long courses comparing individual love to divine love for younger souls.

Over a long period of time (from your human perspective), the mortal soul becomes so filled with knowledge and impressions from experiencing these manifestations, that it can absorb no more. It is at this point, where a mortal soul focuses all of its attention on Source. In doing so, manifestations may occur from the soul as very strong spiritual seekers.

One of these spiritual seeker manifestations will become dominant. During the course of that mortal being’s spiritual path, many of the soul’s most recent manifestations may be briefly experienced. This is what many of you call, remembering your past lives. What is actually happening, is that this being is beginning to merge with their soul. As they come closer and closer in union with their soul, more and more of the souls’ awareness flows into them. As the seeker continues to advance on their spiritual path, eventually their consciousness will merge completely with their soul.

No further “incarnations” will occur from the soul. The mortal soul has shifted all of its focus back to its Source. There is no more pull toward reaching outward through physical manifestations. The soul’s only drive is to merge with Source.

Now, as all mortal souls evolve, they initially believe and experience that the reality they see manifested on a planet is real. Because of this, they occasionally put a little more energy into a manifestation to make them change reality during an “incarnation”. These are the people that seem to be “on fire”. They are leaders with a cause. They rally many other people to their way of thinking and are highly charismatic.

What the soul behind them doesn’t realize however, is that they are dreaming. The issue, the passion, the cause, and the hoped-for resolution can disappear within an instant. These souls are often exploring reality in order to eventually learn that this reality does not exist for them to change. Instead, it appears to exist in order to change them.

It is a profound moment in each soul’s existence when they suddenly pierce through what they believe is reality. They then realize that reality is nothing but a projection on the screen of their own consciousness. This is a profound turning point in the growth of a soul.

Angelic souls evolve at a much slower rate than mortal souls do. Thousands of your years may pass. One of the main differences between a mortal soul and an angelic soul is that a mortal soul exists to explore and collect experiences. An angelic soul exists to serve. As such, angelic souls are often content in that service and there is much less drive to expand.

The soul of an Archangel was manifested by Source to exist in direct service to Source. They are not assigned to one particular soul. Instead, each serves a large group of both mortal and angelic souls by teaching, by healing or cleansing, and by assisting entire planets in their evolution. They also oversee/supervise large groups of angelic souls. Archangels also have an evolutionary course, but it is extremely slow. Each Archangel exists throughout the entire course of a creation cycle and is one with their soul from their beginning. They are always aware of the true, dream-like nature of physical reality, but they exist to support that reality for the evolution of all souls.

Have you all fallen asleep? (Laugh). I know this is very complex and perhaps very new to some of you. But the word soul is used in so many ways and means so many things to different people, that I thought perhaps it would be helpful to clarify it from our perspective.

This is the dance of supreme consciousness. All of this unfolds within each Source. Then, it all eventually dissolves back into each Source. The only material used is pure Source consciousness.

On the Internet and in literature, you will read so many conflicting pieces of information. Some people will say that you have never left your own consciousness as Source, so why do you seek it? Others will speak of a variety of long spiritual paths required to attain that highest awareness. Both of these perceptions are the truth. However, most of you are not aware enough yet to know with absolute certainty who you truly are and so there are spiritual paths.

Each layer of reality is manifested by increasingly contracted expressions of consciousness. In order to fully experience yourself as Source, your consciousness has to re-expand. In the same way, your soul’s consciousness re-expands as it merges back into Source.

Although we say repeatedly that you exist within a very real-appearing dream, you absolutely do exist. You exist within your own soul who experiences a very real-appearing dream. Your soul exists within Source. And all of this is manifested from and exists within that one supreme consciousness. So from the highest perspective, you truly are Source–for there is only one supreme consciousness in this creation that permeates all the layers of reality.

Continue to meditate so that you may experience all of this within your own being.

Sending you great love,