Use the Cube to Clear


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

Use the Cube to Clear

Ærkeenglen Metatron kanaliseret gennem Sharon Davis 15. dec 2018

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

Hello everyone! This is Metatron.

My partner has asked me to speak about the cube that I use. This is known by many of you as Metatron’s cube. The cube is a powerful subtle representation of the essence of all patterns of subtle and physical forms in the universe. When it is used properly, it has tremendous power.

On your plane of consciousness, I use the cube to clear people’s energy field of old memories, old karmic impressions that are no longer needed for lessons. By doing this, it can potentially heal those of you who ask. I say potentially, because you can only be healed once you have learned the required lessons from experiencing that issue.

The cube has many layers within it. And each of those layers represents a subtle energy matrix or pattern. These energy patterns are the essence within all creation. For you see, one of my roles in serving Source, is to take a subtle command for manifestation from Source, and by moving patterns through various levels of densification, cause it to take form.

Just as we Archangels use essential patterns of vibration which become increasingly solidified as they go through layers of consciousness (or dimensions as you call them), we can use those same patterns of vibration to correct changes or shifts in the intended patterns of creation. In human beings, these changes could be illnesses, physical or mental damage to your system, or brain changes. But remember, these changes can only be shifted back if the lesson attached to the change has already been understood.

There are also predesigned changes in people’s systems that cannot be altered. Even though they may appear to have learned what they need to learn from them, part of their lesson would then be to experience them throughout this lifecycle. In that case, even if I used the cube for a long time to attempt to alter the pattern, it would not change.

How does the cube work? It spins very rapidly as it moves throughout your subtle energy layers. Because the cube holds all pure patterns of creation, any shift from that pure pattern will respond to the higher energy level and move back into alignment with Source’s original intention unless, as I said above, part of your lesson is to experience this shift for additional time or for the rest of your current lifetime.

You may wonder why, if someone appears to have learned the lessons from experiencing an illness or injury, they might have to continue with it. The reasons are complex. Often, it has to do with long-term endurance or a much deeper level of surrender than you might perceive. Although they may have learned surrender and compassion for others who are ill or injured, their lessons may require that this surrender, compassion and understanding become much broader and deeper than it currently is. Again, for this reason they may not respond to healing.

Many of us (the Archangels) can offer physical or mental healing. Each of us work in a different way. The cube is a tool that I, myself use. Remember, if you would like healing, you do need to ask. For as we said before, it is a universal rule that in order to receive from the Angels you must first be willing to ask.

Now some people, have encouraged folks to meditate on the cube that I use. This can be a powerful experience, however at this time I strongly recommend that you go directly within your own being. Although connecting deeper with Metatron’s cube can give you a powerful experience sometimes, it takes self-effort and focus. It also connects you with energy patterns of creation. Although those patterns of course, are extremely subtle and high-frequency, they are not the inner Self. It is again focusing on an outer object to allow your mind to become very steady, instead of simply going within. So again, at this particular time, I recommend that you turn your attention completely within to meditate.

I send you great love and blessings,