The State of Inner Peace


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

The State of Inner Peace

Ærkeenglen Metatron kanaliseret gennem Sharon Davis 18. marts 2019

Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

Greetings everyone. This is Metatron.

Today I would like to talk with you about the state of inner peace.

I’m sure all of you have an understanding of what peace is. Achieving that state as a constant however, is much more difficult. Especially on your planet, peace is extremely elusive. You are often bombarded with stimuli. Loud noises interrupt the quietude of your environment. Media, both on the Internet and the television disturb your mind and fill your vision with experiences of violence or desires for sensations or acquisitions.

In addition, there are many traumas or stressors that you may experience during your life. You may for example, experience tremendous material and or emotional losses that can take quite a while to overcome. Your jobs may be filled with pressure to achieve or improve. Your family situations may not always be pleasant. There may also be positive stresses such as getting married, having children, or buying a new home and moving.

Each of these things are actually designed to disturb your inner peace. Remember, each of you are in school. What courses you take, are determined by your soul and its need to learn. Ultimately however, the most important lesson you can learn in all of these projected movies you are living through, is to maintain your own inner serenity, your inner peace.

If you were living in a different place where there were never any stressors, of course you could rest in your own inner peace. But to deepen that experience and learn to hold it no matter what trials or tribulations you pass through, you must experience disturbing situations. Learning to hold that state here, develops tremendous inner focus and strength.

Many, many beings have taken birth at this time on your planet–more so than at any other time in your planet’s history. This is not an accident. Although we usually speak about the tremendous potential for transformation at this time because of the influx of light and high frequency energy, there is another reason that so many have taken birth now. The dramatic shifts that are occurring both within your planet and in all the populations and civilizations of your world are similar to a graduate school for learning higher inner qualities.

Consider this. There has never been a time where you could theoretically view violence anywhere in the world as it is happening via television. You can experience earth changes and their violent effects on humans and their cities. And you yourself can experience the trauma of these events if you choose, because the potential for violence appears to be occurring everywhere right now.

It is an extremely powerful and challenging time to experience earth. There has always been violence in areas or pockets on your world, but right now, it is practically everywhere and unpredictable. Never has there been a more challenging time to learn to fully experience compassion and constant inner peace no matter what the circumstances.

So, while some great beings have taken form now to assist in lifting the energy on earth, others have come to powerfully test and transform themselves. Of course, in transforming themselves, they too are raising Earth’s energy.

How do you learn to experience continual inner peace no matter what the outer world is doing? For this to occur, you must go within. It requires constant, sustained focus on your own inner light even as you interact with your world throughout the day. At first, you will experience moments of that peace as flashes. Perhaps a moment in nature will stimulate that experience. Or you may feel it after a very tiring day when you finally relax.

To learn to sustain this experience however, requires meditation. Remember, meditation is a continual flow of attention toward a single point or object. It could be a mantra. Or it could be your breath, vocalizing a sound repeatedly, etc.  Often, people first get a more prolonged experience of peace by watching the sunset or the ocean. Marveling at nature can give you a tremendous experience of quietude.

Unfortunately though, you can’t have the experience of a sunset 24 hours a day. This is why it’s very good to focus on an object that is totally internal such as the breath or a mantra. These are portable objects that you can always have with you so that if your mind becomes agitated, you have a tool to again quiet it.

Inner peace is always with you. It never leaves. This is because it is one of the qualities of the inner Self. Therefore, you aren’t trying to attain inner peace. You are learning to rest in that state of peace instead of the agitation of your mind. The purpose of meditation is to still the movements of the mind. An additional gift of meditation is the purification of your inner being so that you have the ability and inner strength to hold higher inner states constantly.

In order to continually rest in a state of inner peace, the mind must become very pure and you must learn to no longer identify with it. Then, no matter what your outer world or your mind and body are doing, you can rest in the beauty of your inner being.

Learn to reside in supreme inner peace.

With much love,