Happy New Year!


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

Happy New Year!

Ærkeenglen Metatron kanaliseret gennem Sharon Davis 31. dec 2018


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

Greetings everyone. This is Metatron.

I would like to wish every one of you a Happy New Year, whether the new year has occurred for you or is about to. Of course, from our dimension, there is no division of time. And there is no new year. It is a continual space of bliss and service. But let us talk tonight about what 2019 may bring each of you.

For a number of years many of you have gone through great intensity, both in your worldly life and emotionally, physically, and mentally. There has been a long process of inner purification and the tying up of outer karmas. For many of you, these years were very difficult at times.

The times are now shifting a bit. Some of you will continue with inner purification for quite a while longer, and some of you will begin to experience the fruits of all of that burning. In January, the energy is intensifying again and becoming quite powerful. Hopefully, by now you have learned how to flow through intense times. Instead of realizing that you were going through something after it’s over, you are now beginning to recognize another time of purification as it occurs.

Although the fire of purification from this amplified energy remains uncomfortable at times, by recognizing what is happening during the experience, it gives you more strength to endure the heat of purification. Give yourself acknowledgment that you have this new understanding and recognition. For most people, it takes a long time before recognition actually occurs during the experience.

Those of you are more seasoned spiritually, will be experiencing more of the inner joy and bliss that is a landmark of inner growth. You will experience inner expansion. And for those of you who have been experiencing it for a while, it will become even more powerful. This matches the increased intensity of the energy that is now pouring down to your planet.

The year 2019 will mark a time of much stronger energy coming through and it will continue to increase for a number of years more. As you continue to meditate daily and do your spiritual practices, have the attitude of the “long-haul”. That is, that this is not going to occur overnight. Your planet is not going to simply become a more subtle form instead of physical, tomorrow. And for most of you, instant awakening will not occur overnight.

If the amount of energy necessary to completely transform all of the earth and its residents was sent all at once, many of you could not tolerate it. And neither could the plants or animals or the Earth herself.  For that reason, the process is slowed down. We all want this to be successful. A few of you who are in a very good state may shift this year, but for most of you it will take much longer. You can expect a decade or more of continual amplification of the light touching you. So, have the understanding that you are in this for the long run. Please don’t expect it to be a short burst and then become disappointed. Your planet and all of you are raising in consciousness. There is just more that needs to occur before the process is complete.

2019 will be a great year. Each of you will achieve more inner transformation. New insights will occur. You will move deeper into your own being and become more genuine in the way you live in your world. Allow this process to happen. And you can help by meditating every day. Watch your thoughts. And become more disciplined in how you think. Witness your emotions and allow yourself to become more centered.

Remember that each of you carry a portion of divinity within your own heart. Treat your body, your mind, and your emotions while remembering this. And remember that even as each of you carries a portion of divinity, so does your beautiful planet earth. Treat her with the same love and respect that you’re learning to treat your own self.

Happy, Happy, New Year!!

Every one of us sends our love and blessings to each one of you,