A Very Powerful Energetic Time


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

A Very Powerful Energetic Time

Ærkeenglen Metatron kanaliseret gennem Sharon Davis 14. jan 2019


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Metatron

Greetings everyone. This is Metatron.

We have again entered into a very powerful energetic time. The time between the new moon eclipse, which you have already experienced, and the full moon eclipse on January 20th is highly significant. It is a time for revisiting old issues which periodically arise and may interfere with experiencing your higher awareness.

Each of you have accumulated many, many memories from other lifetimes. Some of them included significant traumas or great pain. These memories remain stored on a subtle level within each of you. You have probably noticed that you have reoccurring patterns in your life. These patterns may be painful or self-sabotaging. Until they are removed from your system, they will continue to surface, especially under periods of stress.

There are always certain triggers which cause these difficult situations, emotions, or mental loops to again arise. Being aware of what triggers these patterns is the first step in releasing them. The more quickly you become aware that they are surfacing again, the better you will be able to develop the mental control to move past them.

This period of time that you have entered, has a focus of bringing these situations up for you to re-examine and finally completely release them. Old patterns will arise during this week, but it will be your self-effort that will assist them in being released. It’s important that you fully recognize exactly what the pattern is, and the effect it has on your life, your mental, and your emotional well-being.

One of the keys in working with these patterns is to firmly establish yourself in the present moment. Each of these replays, so to speak, of old emotions, thoughts, and/or behaviors come from the past. These old reactions don’t fit the person that you now are. You have come so much further in your inner growth. You are not the same person that you were when those initial experiences occurred.

Another key is to step back from the experience that you are replaying and witness it. One of the trademarks of these experiences is that you’re immediately snapped back into the past. You may not recall the situation that gave you these emotions or thoughts, but your energy is pulled out of the present person that you are and pulled back into your previous energy state. That’s why you experience all of these emotions and mental loops as though they are very fresh and current. You are always pulled back to the past.

Now is a golden opportunity for each of you to release some of these inner obstacles once and for all. Imagine how much freer and more expanded you will feel when these inner burdens are gone. Releasing them will allow you to stand firmly in the present and respond to situations from your current inner state.

Each one of you is a spark from Source. You constantly carry that divine spark within you. You don’t have to suffer. Break free of old restrictive patterns. Let go of repetitive mental loops that drag you down or interfere with the joy in your life. Allow yourselves to expand into the beautiful beings that you truly are.

As we’ve said before, the powerful energies that are now touching the earth are here to uplift humanity. In order to experience these higher states more fully, the heavier, older energies must be released. This is a major theme of this week’s energy. Of course, everything will not be released this week because it would be too strenuous for your inner systems. But you will find that at least one of your major triggers will pop up at some time, if it hasn’t already. At that point, you have the choice to follow the same emotional or mental loop, or to look at it squarely in the eye and say, “no thank you”. “I prefer to rest in my own joy.”

When you reach the point where you can let go of a pattern that’s been with you for a millennium, you will experience tremendous freedom. Joy rushes in to take the space of that old pain.

Allow yourselves to take advantage of the powerful energies of this week. Let your own light flow through you with joy. Allow yourself to become on earth, who you truly are.

And remember, your angels and archangels stand by to assist you with this. Ask for help to release these old memories or impressions. As always, it is a universal rule that we cannot assist you until you ask. So, feel free to utilize all of the subtle assistance that surrounds you. We are here, cheering you on. We celebrate your progresses. Angels were assigned to each of you at your birth, and they never leave your side. They watch over you constantly. So, feel free to ask for their support.

We all send great love to each of you and many blessings. Rejoice this week as you master issues that have been with you for many lifetimes. Then burst forth, refreshed and renewed. Dance in the experience of your inner joy!