Embrace the Constant Changes of Life


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Ariel

Embrace the Constant Changes of Life

Ærkeenglen Ariel kanaliseret gennem Sharon Davis 26. april 2019


Kanalisering af Ærkeenglen Ariel

Hello dear ones. This is Ariel.

How is everyone doing? You are in the midst of spring now and this is the season that the earth refreshes herself. Plants are springing forth from the earth. Flowers are beginning to bud or bloom. All are experiencing renewal. And this reflects the constant change that occurs on earth. Learn to embrace the constant changes of life.

Each of you are also becoming more and more alive. Each day you are coming closer to the knowledge of your own inner self. Just as your earth is renewing herself in the areas where it’s spring, each of you are also renewing yourselves and becoming more and more awake.

Let yourselves awaken to the knowledge of your own highest truth. Refresh your awareness of who you truly are. Renew your conviction to become fully awakened.

Witness the cycles of life on your earth. During the spring you can see the arrival of new life. Tiny plants pierce their way through the earth to experience the sun. Birds make nests to lay eggs and raise their young. Animals are pregnant with new life, and they feed that developing life by eating the new plants. Young animals learn to hunt and eat smaller animals and fish. Young fish learn to hunt and eat bugs and small water creatures. And little water creatures may eat the algae and tiny plants.

This is the way of life on your planet. There is creation. Then that creation is maintained. And finally that same creation is destroyed. This is the external drama that exists on your planet. It exists from the tiniest particle to the grandest human structure, or even mountains and oceans. Everything is in constant change.

To consciously live on earth, you must embrace change. Those who constantly try to stop time and halt creation’s constant movement, become lost. A critical lesson in spiritual growth is to learn to consistently flow with the shifts around and within you.

This requires great flexibility. It also requires that you let go and relax within your own being. You can’t be rigid and still flow with the moment. To live fully is to learn to remain in balance no matter what presents itself to you either from the outside or within your own being.

One of the ways to do this is to learn to witness all of the movements of life. As you continue to witness, you naturally develop detachment. It is this detachment that allows you to continue to flow. Think about it. If you are attached to your life being a certain way, to having certain people around you at the times you select, to having your job never change, etc., you will become distressed every time something shifts or readjusts.

Unfortunately it is human nature, when living under the influence of the veils of consciousness, to become rigid. People become rigid in their views about their community. They may become rigid in their judgments of others. They may become rigid in the way that they want to do their work. People may have a set schedule that they think they must follow, or they become uncomfortable. And people’s views of their society, their government, other countries, the rules they personally follow, etc., all have the potential to solidify and become rigid.

Think about yourself. You may view yourself as very flexible because you are a spiritual being. But what happens if your water heater suddenly floods? How do you feel if your car suddenly breaks down? What if your child comes home and says she’s pregnant? Of course these are very dramatic examples. But simple things may also throw you. Suppose you’re getting ready for work and realize your coffee pot just died and you can’t have coffee this morning?

Life is full of unexpected and challenging events. Although you may feel that you are very flexible in your thinking, there are always moments where you are tested. You may be feeling so good during the day and then something completely throws you off. Perhaps a coworker suddenly confronts you about something you don’t even think you’ve done. Can you hold your state and remain peaceful then?

It takes a lot of practice to develop your ability to remain detached when sudden, unexpected events occur. Even after you have been tested a number of times and are feeling good that you have remained centered and detached, a new and completely different event may throw you off-center.

Continue to practice refreshing your focus on witnessing the changes around you without becoming attached. Don’t judge yourself. Simply keep practicing being the witness. This doesn’t mean that you don’t react appropriately to an event. Just don’t become attached to a particular outcome for anything in your life. Learn to be so flexible that you ride the waves of change like a surfer.

If you meditate regularly, this process will eventually occur naturally. But you can accelerate that process by learning to become detached. Don’t become involved in petty dramas around you. Remain centered with a quiet mind. Learn to flow naturally with the constant shifting changes that occur every single day.

Sending all of you much love and blessings,