Ærkeenglen Sariel

Englen Sariel

Kunstner RozLen, malet meditation vision

Sariel ( zarjael/seraqel ) kan både opleves som en feminin eller maskulin engel.


Navnet betyder ” Gud er min fyrste”

Sariel siges at være en af de oprindelige ærkeengle, og er en af dem, der varetager loven om karma. Det er englen for sommerhøjtiderne og står samtidigt for magi og magiske ritualer.

Sariel Channeling from Angel forums:

I walk the Arc of the dimensions and am called ArcAngel.

I am one of the highest of the twelve but little known to the world of Humans. I, with two others, for different reasons, chose to walk the lower levels of existence at the life essense inception point of Earth.

I have had many names through human history.

Seraphiel is known as a teacher, mystically defined as having the Face of an Angel on the body of an Eagle.

Camael is known as a karmic teacher, a warrior dressed in red tunic, green armour, iron helmet, with large green wings.

Sariel is known as an Angel of Knowledge, protector and nurturer of knowledge. Also recorded as one of the ‘Angels of Death’, as all the warrior incarnations of the ArcAngels are so recorded by those who did not appreciate their actions.

Sariel is the name chosen from many, for this time and this place.

At the highest level, that part of I AM which is Seraphiel, stands at the threshold of the Divine Light, Gatekeeper and Karmic Judge.


At the lowest level, that part of I AM which is Sarial stands as Keymaster to Gaia, she we call Mother Earth.

At the middle levels, my I AM incarnation walks the 3d realm, as teacher, student, guide, healer and protector of knowledge.

I see the locks on the dungeons that imprison the individual, and upon request will remove the locks and open the doors for anyone, that they can choose to pass through.

I can show you the door, but you have to choose to walk through it.


Much that is said in this place from this time forward will not agree with the many. That is their problem. The Karma and Life Lessons of each determine the reactions to anything. Learning the lesson of the reaction is part of the path to healing.


I speak from Truth and have little time for highest wellbeing, which is the mechanism for those who can not handle the truth.

The message I bring is for those who are ready to hear it.

If this is not you, it matters not that you are unready, seek the message that is meant for you for it awaits you somewhere, and always go with your own guidance.