The Liar

The Liar Earth kanaliseret gennem Pamela Kribbe Marts 2019 Kanalisering af Earth Dear beautiful people, I am Earth who speaks. Feel my presence in you, because I live and speak to you through everything you feel in and through your body. I am constantly connected with you, so feel me, for I have a heart that beats and an essence you want to receive in your life on Earth,here and now. Allow yourself to be received by me. I am your mother in many ways, as...

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Three Children

Three Children Earth kanaliseret gennem Pamela Kribbe September 2018 Kanalisering af Earth Pamela Kribbe channels Earth I am Mother Earth and I am here in your midst.  I am the ground beneath your feet. I am an  exuberant sun that shines on the trees, the plants, the flowers and all the elements around you. And I am also here in this room, in this space. Become aware of me and use an image to capture me. See me as a woman in the center of this space,...

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