Discovering your Life’s purpose


John L. Payne 


So many of us are looking for our life’s purpose, trying to figure out what our life’s work will be. How can we know what it is?
The primary purpose of your life is to lead a life of joy. It is often a very difficult thing for you to hear this when we say it, or when we say that there is nothing more important than that you feel happy and good about yourself, yet this is the highest truth. How can we say that it is your primary purpose to live a life of joy? The statement is based on the Four Principles of Creation. The Universe is built on four undeniable, all-pervading principles, and it is these principles that you seek to manifest. Remember, they are love, health and well-being, abundance, and creativity. Which one of you can say that you don’t want these things? Which of you can deny these things? You came forth into the experiment called physical matter to express yourself through the four principles, just as you have already done in many other realms of reality. You say, do you not, that the heart is the seat of love and desire? And have you not heard the expression “as above, so below”? The blood in your body, the water of life, is pumped around your body by your heart, which is made up of four chambers, each reflecting one principle; and so it is.

Confusion about one’s life purpose is caused by judgement. So many of you hold on to the notion that there is an external authority somewhere, which you have created as ‘God’ in your minds, and that there are certain things that ‘he’ approves of. You make decisions about what is spiritual or not spiritual. Many of you spend your time trying to figure out what ‘he’ wants. The fact of the matter is, what ‘God’ wants is for you to be happy. That’s it. You were born with free will, and from our perspective, love and freedom are one and the same thing, for without one, you cannot have the other.

Your life’s purpose and your life’s work are separate, but connected. Your life’s purpose is that part of yourself, or that quality, that you came to evolve in this lifetime. Your life’s purpose is more successfully accomplished during the process of developing and exploring your life’s work, because your life’s work will draw you to circumstances that are ideal for the achievement of your personal goals. Let us first deal with understanding your life’s work.

Your life’s work can be identified easily and straightforwardly. It is what you find great joy in doing, whatever that is. It makes no difference whether what you love to do is to fly planes, bake bread, teach, be a parent, a mechanic, an architect, or any number of things. Whatever makes you really happy is what makes you really happy.

Life’s purpose is about the realisation of the thing you love to do. It is about overcoming the obstacles and challenges to manifesting your life’s work. To follow your life’s purpose you should steadfastly follow your joy, irrespective of what the world and others are telling you. When you do this, you are in a position to develop qualities such as determination, discernment, resourcefulness, courage, independence, acceptance, joyfulness, compassion, service, humility, and leadership. Pursuing the path of joy towards the unfolding of your life’s work holds the key to developing the soul qualities you came to develop in this lifetime.

When you release your judgements about what is right and wrong, about what is more spiritual and less spiritual, you give your soul the opportunity to express itself more fully through you. This happens when you pursue your life’s work, and therefore your passion and joy, without compromise. As you pursue your passion and joy, you are automatically aligning yourself with your higher purpose, that is, with your soul’s purpose for being physically present in this lifetime. When this happens, you find yourself being more energised, more joyful, more loving, more patient, and able to express more compassion and patience. You simply become a lighter person to be around. As your new personality develops, more and more people will be drawn to you because they are attracted to your light, and you will be able to share with them the secret of your happiness. When you do this, you are fulfilling your greater purpose, and that greater purpose is to love.

The greater purpose for each of you is to live a life of joy. When you follow your passion and do what feels good, you are automatically loving and kind towards others. It is unhappy people who act in negative ways towards others. So many of you are dissatisfied with your lives because you limit yourselves on a daily basis. You dismiss your dreams and aspirations and believe that happiness is only for other people. Your life’s purpose is to live the life you were meant to live, and for that you do not need to figure out what is appropriate or what ‘God’ wants you to do. You only have to follow your heart, and that is done through honouring your feelings.

Who are you not to honour your life’s purpose? It is what you came to give the world. So many of you dismiss yourselves and your gifts as if they were worthless. Whether you are here to bake the tastiest cheesecake the world has ever had, be a parent to a gifted soul or to a child in need, be a doctor and a healer, or a taxi driver, it makes no difference what the form is. What counts is your love of life as you live it. For as you love life, you love people; and as you love people, you aid and assist people. You give, and you give your best. It is through giving your best when you feel your best that you create miracles, assisting others to open their hearts to greater possibilities just as you have opened your own heart. Spiritual growth is always attained through service to the One. When we speak of the One, we speak of God, the Universal Essence, All-That-Is. When you are in service to the One, you are in service to yourself; when you help others, you help yourself. You can be in service wherever you are, irrespective of your job or how you spend your time. If you are a leader of business, you can serve those who work for you by identifying their strengths and helping them to build upon them, encouraging all those who come in contact with you to have unlimited dreams, even if it means allowing them to move on into other directions.

Service to the One means knowing that all people are on a spiritual path, even if they don’t know it on a conscious level. It means being prepared to be who you are at all costs and to put your happiness first, and encourage all others to make choices that support who they are and not necessarily what you want. Service to the One means knowing and living the words “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, for you know that as “you do to them, you do to me”. It is about recognising that you are One; there is no separation, only unity. Service to the One is about coming home to who you really are. Do that which gives you joy. If you don’t know what joy is, then choose that which makes you feel free, for joy, love, and freedom are the same. Set yourself free!