By-passing the limitations of Earth


Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Everything that you see in the panorama of your eyes and your heart is yours. It belongs to no other but you. The responsibility that you hold for your world is held within your view every minute of everyday and it is that part of the land and that part of the energy that you steward. By adhering to laws of purity, you upgrade your internal and external worlds. By adhering to laws of divinity, you by-pass all limitations of earth. The doorway that you enter into has been and is seeking you – as you are seeking it. All things that your heart so desires are made manifest through your yearnings and your needs, your longings and your wants.
Look to each portion of your daily events as a heart’s yearning that has manifested on a level that is tangible. Look forward to each morning with a knowing that on that day, you will surpass previous limitations. It matters not how you entered the field of inquiry. It matters only that you enter. The levels of judgments that you place upon your self are yours for the birthing and yours for the dismantling. When you see another place a judgment upon you, it comes home to you as a gift. A gift of understanding the limitations that you have imposed upon yourself by your expectations of others. Seek not the approval of those in your world, of those in your family, of those in your hearth – but seek the approval of your soul and your garment of fine light. For never in your external world will others hold you up to the candle that you are so destined to hold for your own intuit self. It is in this knowing and in this understanding that you will by-pass and pass by many obstacles that you have imposed from your beginning.
Each and every day you give to your self – a quality and quantity of love that you feel comfortable in receiving. You give to yourself a quality of truth that you feel comfortable hearing, and a quantity of blockages that you feel you must surpass in order to earn the light and the love and the approval of others. But the Universe – your Mother/Father/God – does not give to you or make you earn through negativity or fear or blockages or pain. That is a human choice.
Every morn with your first breath back from the realms of higher light before fully entering the physical house of your body, open your eyes with a knowing. Declare “on this day, I will receive all that brings me joy and light and love. I will not allow this day to be a bad day, a negative day, or a dark day. I will not allow this day to destroy my dreams, my hopes, my wants, or my desires. But I will embrace this day with the fullness of my divinity and no other way shall it be. For I no longer choose to learn the hard way. I no longer choose to run into the brick wall in my manifestations, in my creations, and in my beliefs. But I choose with a dignity of a Being of Light and with a knowing that whatever I set my thoughts upon in this day, they shall be rendered free and they shall be rendered manifested. And so it shall be. No longer will I harness doubt and allow it to pull me forward into the ruts and the crevices of human living. But I will fly with winged horses above what keeps me so limited. For it is only I and not another that clips the wings of my soul and of my dreams. And on this day, I cease and decease in blaming others for what I do not have, for what I do not feel, for what I do not experience. And I will come forth fully into the law of one — the law that intends for me to create my heart’s desire — and that is what I create on this day, of this minute, of this year. The law of want is the law of mankind – for in my light – there is no want nor can my Light Being understand needs and wants. For the divinity within me and the beingness within me is clear that there are no needs and wants and longings — that all things that it desires are made manifest and set free to be birthed in this physical world.
As you pass through this doorway of Higher Light, do not look down your elongated soul at those who still ponder and putter about in their humanness. For you once wore those same thoughts that weighed you down heavily. You must — as one coming into enlightenment – assist others to see the beauty of their light, of their life and of their choices. Do not point out their shortcomings, but assist them to embrace their choices. For choices are karmic completion. You each come into a doorway of choosing to let go of the karmic choices of the past and to ride the future with a movement forward that is so accelerated that the theory of relativity is left behind.